Julie Al-Zoubi

Freelance Writer/ Journalist

United Kingdom

Julie is an award winning freelance writer who regularly contributes to the Olive Oil Times where she has had over 100 articles published on topics ranging from the health benefits of olive oil to threats facing olive trees.

Julie's niche areas include food, travel, health,spirituality and personal development.

Olive Oil Times
In Rajasthan, Plans to Introduce Wine Made From Olive Leaves

A new beverage is brewing amid the olive groves of Rajasthan, a state in northwestern India, where a team of olive experts say they have developed the world's first ever olive wine. In an interview with Olive Oil Times, Yogesh Verma, COO of state-run Rajasthan Olive Cultivation Limited (ROCL) and independent olive growing expert Yuval Chen explained more about their bold move into winemaking.

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Competition Winner - Julie Al-Zoubi with Life on Kerkennah, Tunisia

Right up my street Life on Kerkennah by Julie Al-Zoubi Kerkennah consists of nine small Islands located in the gulf of Gabes, Tunisia 18km from the city of Sfax. Only the two largest Islands are inhabited, and they are joined by a causeway which has been there since the Romans occupied the Islands.

Olive Oil Times
Xylella Fastidiosa Could Be Contained With Better Monitoring

A new study by Enrico Bucci from the Sbarro Health Research Organization (SHRO) suggests that the current strategy for monitoring Xylella fastidiosa fails to identify all the infected plants and enables progression of the epidemic via undetected infection hotspots.

Olive Oil Times
Tunisia Predicts a Bumper Olive Harvest

The Tunisian Ministry of Agriculture has predicted that olive oil production will reach 350,000 tons this season. If their forecast proves to be correct, Tunisia could find itself for the second time the world's second largest oil producer after Spain.

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The Naked Truth: Age Doesn't Matter When it Comes to Sex

The idea of seniors making love invokes horror in the young who assume they have exclusive rights to sex. We may not be swinging from the chandeliers or indulging in marathon sex fests but there is plenty of action taking place between the sheets of the ageless.

Olive Oil Times
'Olive Beef' Looks Set to Land on American Plates

Sanuki Wagyu Beef, also known as the Destination Steak, is produced only in Japan from olive-fed cows. The dense, red marbling and distinctive taste of Sanuki Wagyu, looks set to nudge regular Wagyu Beef from at least some American steak lovers' plates.

Olive Oil Times
New Study Links Plant-Based Diets With Reduced Risk Of Heart Disease

A new study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association concluded that people who consumed a mostly plant-based diet were less likely to develop heart disease and to die from it than those who ate a diet rich in meat and refined carbohydrates.

Olive Oil Times
Farmer Fights Homophobia with Olive Oil Brand

"The Gay Farmer" brand of organic extra virgin olive oil raised over £3,000 for the LGBT charity Stonewall last month at a fundraising event in London. The event was the brainchild of an olive farmer, Mark Dyer who passionately supports Stonewall's mission to wipe out homophobia in schools.

Olive Oil Times
New Studies Link Ultra-Processed Food With Premature Death

Ultra-processed foods increase the risk of heart attacks, strokes and premature death, according to two major new studies published in the BMJ. The studies, which were undertaken by independent research teams in France and Spain suggested that the risk of developing a first-time heart condition, suffering a stroke or dying prematurely were increased by a high intake of ultra-processed foods.

Olive Oil Times
New Protests Erupt Against Removal of Olive Trees for TAP Pipeline

Following months of protests against the removal of up to 10,000 ancient olive trees to make way for the controversial Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP), residents in the Puglian town of Melendugno woke up on November 13th to find their town in lockdown after police implemented a "red zone" overnight.