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Laura Joffre

Student journalist, University of Salford

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From France to England via Germany and Scotland.

Project aims to help women stand for election

It's a startling statistic. As things stand, only 35 per cent of MSPs and about 29% of councillors in Scotland are female. Inspiring women to get involved in politics is therefore a major concern for those who want to achieve a balanced democratic representation.

How European media reacted to Boris Johnson's first G7 summit

Boris Johnson made his international debut at the G7 on Saturday, with Brexit and more on the agenda. We take a look at how the Prime Minister's visit was received across Europe. Over the weekend, Le Monde concluded that Boris Johnson looked unexpectedly comfortable at the G7 summit.

Salford Now
Tommy Robinson BBC protest attracts thousands in Media City | Salford Now

Tommy Robinson gathered an estimated 4,000 supporters at Media City on Saturday as he protested against the BBC, which he accuses of spreading fake news. The far-right activist known for his anti-Islam opinions, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, showed a film of his own which he said "exposed the BBC's lies".

Salford Now
Young campaigners given prime position as Salford hosts green summit | Salford Now

Young green campaigners were given prime position at the Greater Manchester Green Summit in Salford following the success of their Youth Strike for Climate. Mayor Andy Burnham gave the opportunity to 17 young people to open the summit on stage at the Lowry on Monday in front of a sold-out Lyric Theatre.

Salford Now
University of Salford will help EU employees with Brexit bill | Salford Now

The University of Salford has committed to help its European employees with the costs of applying to stay in the UK after Brexit. Currently, EU citizens are free to live and work in the UK without special requirements. After Brexit, they will have to apply for a special status, called the "settled status", to have the right to remain in the UK.

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