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"Heat and mud and discomfort"-How "The King" brought the Battle of Agincourt to life

Netflix has now released The King, its new imagining of starring Timothee Chalamet as the bowlcut-sporting English king. As any Shakespeare fans know, the Henry V story reaches its peak of excitement during the Battle of Agincourt, the battle between Henry's troops and those of the French dauphin, memorably played in the new movie by Robert Pattinson.

"The Simpsons" boss Al Jean teases 30th "Treehouse of Horror"-which is also Episode 666

Fox on Sunday (October 20) will air "Treehouse of Horror XXX," the 30th Halloween special from The Simpsons , which is also coincidentally the 666th episode of the show. For a special that was at first only going to last for two seasons, "Treehouse of Horror" has become a yearly Halloween tradition, with fans eagerly awaiting the latest appearance of Kang and Kodos and the latest horrible happenings.

Helen Mirren on Catherine the Great's "sexual liberation"

Helen Mirren may be one of Britain's great acting dames, but the actress, born Helen Mironoff is actually half-Russian. "It's my bottom half that's Russian," she joked to Newsweek. Mirren's heritage was part of the reason she took on the role of Catherine the Great, one of Russia's longest-reigning and most famous rulers, in the HBO series Catherine the Great, premiering Monday on HBO.



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The (R)Evolution of Gorillaz

I speak to the team behind Gorillaz about the band's relationship to technology, how most holograms use 18th century technology, and what Madonna is really like to work with.
These gun owners are destroying their weapons after the Florida school shooting

In response to the shooting at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida last week, US gun owners have been posting videos online of them destroying their assault weapons. Using the hashtags #OneLess and #OneLessGun, people shared videos showing them using saws and hammers to destroy their own AR-15 rifles, the same weapon used by Nikolas Cruz in Florida.

Christmas Pop-Up Cinemas: Ho Ho Ho or No No No?

Since, well, popping up in 2010 following the success of Secret Cinema, pop-ups have turned into a total staple of the London cinema circuit. They've become as much of a feature as sticky floors and overpriced West End tickets. But this Christmas they seemed to have reached their peak.

Samuel Spencer
Antony Gormley on Brexit, Migration and Heading Into Darkness

Though Gormley's work obviously reflects what he calls his desire to "Confront the ideas that we might have about where we live and our participation in their actuality," he has his eyes on the future as much as the present.