Sian Abigail Bradley

Freelance journalist, podcast host, and mental health ambassador

United Kingdom

I'm a freelance writer who cares about digging deeper and uncovering injustices towards marginalised groups, such as in mental health care and gender politics.i want to tell the stories of those who do not have a loud voice in society and explore the intersections between tech, science, psychology and culture. I am a trained journalist with three years of experience across national, local, consumer and B2B titles including; Wired, Tech Talks, DJ Mag, BBC Radio Sheffield and Medium. I volunteer as a mental health advocate for Rethink's Camden Advocacy Service, campaign for charities such as The Mix and MQ, and coordinate events for Creative Voices Mind and Journo Resources. I am looking for work in journalism, creative and media adjacent jobs.

Journo Resources
All The Places Offering Financial Support For Journalists During COVID-19

Coronavirus seems like the only word anyone has used in months. We're sick of it and we want it to be over - but it continues to seep into every aspect of our lives. For journalists, whether you're freelance or staff, it can take a big toll financially and mentally.


The Mix
Self-harming? Here's how to talk to someone about it - The Mix

Sian Bradley is a freelance journalist and works with The Mix to support young people with their mental health. Sian talks about her experience of self-harm and how she copes with it in order to break the stigma and grow understanding and awareness about the issue.
Politicising depression during a pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic has confined us to our households, caused thousands to lose their jobs and spread debilitating panic and despair. Calls to crisis helplines are surging and the majority of us are feeling anxious or low. But, Sian Bradley asks, can politicising these feelings help forge collective healing?

Coronavirus: Refuges Stay Open Amid Fears Domestic Abuse Will Soar

Charity Solace Women's Aid, which runs refuges across London, is calling on the government boost funding for domestic abuse services as part of its efforts to tackle Covid-19 outbreak. Official guidance urges the UK public to maintain "social distancing" - working from home where possible - and to self-isolate if presenting the symptoms of Covid-19.

Would mental health issues exist in Utopia?

Trina Goldberg-Oneka is fifty-years-old when The Seep arrives. She throws a dinner party with her soon-to-be wife, Deeba, as the world braces themselves for The End. The guests carried on with their evening, unaware that The Seep had already entered their water supply.

Having Body Dysmorphic Disorder doesn't make me narcissistic

reflections on Greek Mythology, obsession and vanity. In the Ancient Greek city of Thespiae, river god Cephissus and the nymph Liriope gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Liriope was warned that little Narcissus would grow to a ripe old age - but only if he never recognised himself.

This is why I self harm

The year is 2010. I'm sat in English class, and it must have been warm because the sleeves of my school jumper were rolled up past my elbows. This shouldn't have mattered, but it did to me.

This computer model is unlocking why people suffer from depression

Computational psychiatrists have broken new ground in understanding how humans learn, by modelling a software program to behave just behave like us. The study, published in the journal eLife could help explain why people with depression can feel overwhelmed by negative thoughts.

We really need a good plan for when a supervolcano erupts

ccording to Nasa, no known asteroids will threaten Earth for at least a century. We've got our collective eye on more than 98 per cent of near-Earth asteroids. That's great for avoiding a real-world Armageddon panic, but there's potentially a much bigger threat a lot closer to home.