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Justine King

Freelance Writer

I'm a Freelance Writer and full-time traveller from the UK. I write blog posts, commercial pages, and website content for travel businesses. I call on my own experiences to provide high value to my client's readers. I know SEO, Keyword Research, and CMS (WordPress). I'm currently completing a journalism internship with luxury travel magazine Beau Monde Traveler.


Laura Paterson

Freelance Copywriter and Content Writer

I am a storytelling copywriter who specialises in the retail, holiday and travel industries, with many high-profile names on my client list. I create compelling content to sell experiences ranging from the budget to the luxury. Get in touch to discuss your copy needs!


Steve Boggan

Journalist and author.

* Scroll down for examples of my work. I have been a journalist for more than 30 years. During that time, I have written for, or contributed to, The Independent (as Chief Reporter and co-founder of its investigations unit), Times, Guardian, Mail, London Evening Standard, Sunday Times Magazine, Observer Magazine, Independent and Guardian Saturday magazines, National Geographic and YOU Magazine. During my years writing news, I covered the war in Iraq, the war in Kosovo (from Albania and Macedonia), 9/11 in New York, the Concorde Crash in Paris, the death of Princess Diana, the mass shooting of schoolchildren in Dunblane and a host of other major stories. I warned about big data mining a decade before it became a crisis, proved Britain's 'impregnable' ID cards and passports could be hacked and faked, and listened while Myra Hindley told me about the secret code she used to write letters to Ian Brady in prison. While writing features, I took ayahuasca in the Amazon for The Times, followed a £10 note round the UK for The Guardian, was threatened by Nicholas van Hoogstraten for uncovering the riches he hid after his murder trial, and watched as South African patients in a persistent vegetative state woke up after being given a sleeping pill. I helped to free an innocent IRA 'bomber', proved the Conservatives were taking foreign donations from heroin traffickers and had airline safety law changed after the Lockerbie bombing. I've written two books, Follow the Money (2012) and Gold Fever (2015), that were each chosen as Book of the Week by BBC Radio 4. Follow the Money was also a Time Out Book of the Week. I was once included in Time Out’s “Culture 100” list of the most creative and influential people in the UK media industry. I co-directed the movie Follow the Money, which was shortlisted for Best Documentary at the SoHo International Film Festival in New York. It was released on Amazon Prime in November 2019. I have also taught journalism at Goldsmiths and City, Universities of London. Features and long form commissions welcomed gratefully at [email protected] Some examples of my work are offered below, in no particular order.

Carefree Cactus Creative

Community-minded writer | digital creative

Hi, I’m Vicki, and this is Carefree Cactus Creative. I deliver a range of easy breezy digital communications services to help grow your business both on and offline – with none of the prickles! Find me at the links below 😊

Paul Miles

Freelance writer and photographer

Over 20 years' experience of contributing to the national press, mostly about sustainable travel and architecture, islands and waterways. Also, sometimes about swimming, boating and learning to paint. Always interested in story ideas especially if they involve being in or on the water. Not the Paul Miles who writes for Metro.

Kuba Shand-Baptiste


Award-winning journalist and Assistant opinion editor at The i Paper. Previously society and arts editor at The Conversation. Formerly The Independent, gal-dem, The Pool, and the FT's Money Management magazine. Editors: [email protected] for freelance commissions.

Kate Johnson


I'm a freelance journalist, based in London. I am an interviewer and feature writer for national newspapers and magazines. I specialise in travel and lifestyle, and all things horses. [email protected]


Joseph Phelan

Editor, journalist and writer.

I am an experienced writer, journalist and editor. I have written for VICE, World Soccer, Icelandair, Live Science, The Blizzard, Dalesman, Cumbria, GLORY, Pog Mo Goal, Libero and various other publications. I have worked across numerous sectors, from finance to sport, infrastructure to the green economy, and have written for many high-profile organisations including RBS, BP, Shell, NatWest, Waitrose, Philips, Lloyd's Register and Oracle. I also wrote the CPNI’s official guidance around phishing. [email protected]


Ellen Wallwork

Freelance journalist and editor

Ellen Wallwork is a freelance journalist and editor who specialises in lifestyle, parenting, health, mental health, nutrition, fashion, beauty and green living. She is currently working as a freelance shopping writer at Yahoo Life UK and her work has also been featured in Women's Health UK, The Strategist UK, Stylist, HarpersBazaar.com, The Daily Mirror, The Daily Express and Waitrose Weekend. She is also the founder of The Little Things, a monthly parenting newsletter about all the niggling worries that keep parents up at night. Previously Ellen worked as Life Editor at HuffPost UK, where she launched two sections: Parents and Style. While there she managed a team of reporters and commissioned, edited and wrote daily news, long-form features and opinion pieces. She was involved in the Young Minds Matter project, which shone a spotlight on the importance of caring for children’s mental health and kicked off with a guest editorship by the Duchess of Cambridge. The campaign was Highly Commended at the Drum Online Media Awards in 2016. During her four and a half years at HuffPost, Ellen steered the Style section's focus on diversity and sustainability, and led the coverage of London Fashion Week. She also previously worked for Parentdish and Healthy Food Guide magazine. Email: [email protected] Find more of my work on Contently: https://ellenkwallwork.contently.com/ NUJ Freelance Directory: http://www.freelancedirectory.org/user.php?name=Ellen.Wallwork The Little Things newsletter: https://littlethings.substack.com/

Roopa Bains

I like my words and I cannot lie

Big words, little words, I love them all and want to make people happy when they read them. As you can see, I am currently building my profile so you can see how good I am with words and how much I love them. I hope you can help this creative, novice wordsmith kickstart a career in copywriting.