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Roopa Bains

I like my words and I cannot lie

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Big words, little words, I love them all and want to make people happy when they read them.

As you can see, I am currently building my profile so you can see how good I am with words and how much I love them.

I hope you can help this creative, novice wordsmith kickstart a career in copywriting.


Product Copywriter (Freelance)

Feature writing course

Private client
Feature Appraisals

Coursework done as part of distance feature writing course

Written pieces

Private client
Bags of Style

We have more then we need... most of the time


Pearls and Wine
Get Organised: Easy Handbag Storage Ideas

A staple in everyone's fashion diet, your handbags do not only supply you with the practical needs but also provides you with the statement eye-candy you need for every occasion. Just like taking care of our cars, houses or ourselves, your handbags requires that level of care too.

How to host a Dinner Party with Kids in the Mix

There is nothing like having your nearest and dearest over for dinner. However, planning a dinner party can be a stressful experience, especially when catering for the littles ones.

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