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Ayna Gonzales

Career and Lifestyle Blog Writer

I'm a Freelance Content Marketing Writer. I write blog posts, lifestyle articles, think pieces, and product features for a variety of clients and brands. I also write about personal experiences in navigating life as a young professional. In my spare time, I enjoy contemporary art, documentaries, and world history.

Veronica Garcia

Digital Content Manager | Content Writer | Web Content Specialist

Veronica is a dedicated digital content enthusiast with an education in journalism and film. Over the years, she’s dabbled in creating, curating, and managing content. She even has several projects under her belt that include managing projects for Disney and ChiveTV accounts. As a freelance writer, she continues to build upon her writing muscles by learning to adapt to different writing styles and subject matters. This has allowed her to work on pieces that range from everyday news and application reviews to breaking down the latest real estate report for the average person. In her spare time, she manages her blog that advocates for epilepsy awareness and bakes to her heart’s content.


Beth Saunders

Writer, Editor, and Content Creator

I first started writing as a blogger back in 2014, with iambookmad born from my love of books and reading. Since then, my website has turned into an eclectic mix of bookish posts, mental health advice, and more chatty, personal updates. It wasn't until 2020 that I realised that working as a content writer was something that I could do for a living. I worked in-house for a B2B company, before going freelance in October 2020 due to the pandemic. I've been working with digital marketing agencies for the majority of this time, but I'm largely not writing about topics that I'm passionate about. With a degree in Neuropsychology and a postgrad diploma in Mental Health Sciences, I can ensure your industry content is: fully researched easy to understand without the bs WHAT I DO: - Blog posts - Web content - Press releases - Ghost writing - Copyediting - Developmental editing - General editing EXPERIENCE: - Google Docs - Microsoft Office - Slack - Notion - Zoom - Wordpress - Basic SEO AREAS I CAN COVER: - Online gaming, gambling, and betting - Finance and technology - Environment / Green technology - Computers - Mental health and wellbeing - Business innovation - Case studies and interviews To get in contact, email [email protected]


Vicki Powers

Words have taken me places and given me opportunities I never imagined. And it all started with a 7th-grade journalism class. I have experience writing all types of content including web copy, social media content, case studies, blogs, white papers, and more. I'm a strategic storyteller who loves sharing success stories of people and organizations. Broad communications experience in corporate, nonprofit, freelance writing, and founder of a hyperlocal site, Houston on the Cheap. I sold it in 2018 after publishing content for 9 years reaching 10+ million pageviews. Readers shared how my site changed their life for them and their family -- as they learned to explore Houston free and cheap.


Eric Lai

B2B Technology Writer and Content Strategist

I help B2B cloud and software vendors tell interesting, technically-credible stories that educate and attract customers. As a former technology journalist (ZDNet, Computerworld, Reuters, South China Morning Post) for 15+ years, I bring deep expertise from the enterprise IT space. I have also worked in-house, including as a content marketing director for 5 years. So I understand the marketing needs of enterprise vendors, as well as their processes. My forte is blogging, particularly thought leadership. Some of my pieces have generated half a million views and 1000+ comments. I have also edited and written more than 20 ebooks, as well as numerous customer case studies, whitepapers, infographics, presentations, web pages, lead-generation emails, video scripts, and more. My clients range from Fortune 100 to startups, and include: FileInvite (financial services cloud) Rockset (cloud analytics), Acceldata (cloud data management), Cloudticity (healthcare cloud), Egnyte (cloud content management), Samsung (enterprise mobility), Oracle Communications (networking), Imperva (cybersecurity), Pinterest (online advertising), and Rogue Wave Software (DevOps). Contact me at [email protected]


Victor Philip Ortiz

Journalist | Editor | Copywriter

Filipino ex-pat based in Dubai, UAE, since 2007. I began my career in editorial departments for print magazines before transitioning to online writing, where I covered technology news and product reviews. I eventually moved to the advertising industry, working as a copywriter.

Dominic Collard

Freelance Business Writer

I am a freelance business writer. I work mainly on ghosted articles for senior leaders in technology, cybersecurity, fintech and marketing sectors. I was previously lead writer at Oracle, and editor at Pearson. I also write blogs, speeches, customer profiles and case studies, short copy for advertising and marketing campaigns, video scripts and advise on content strategy. To discuss commissions please email [email protected] or call +44(0) 7796 774578.


Fi Forrest

Features writer

TABBIE award winning freelance writer. Online and in print, long-form, newsletters, blogs, website copy, video interviews. Interested in technology, textiles, sustainability and design. The stories featured here are just a selection of my published work. (Contact me via LinkedIn)


Julianne Balmain

Copywriter, author, and content strategist

I’m a San Francisco Bay Area writer and copywriter with many years of experience helping people and organizations hone their voice and tell their stories. I've written just about everything there is to write, including all kinds of brand messaging and corporate communications. I'm also the author of numerous nonfiction works on a variety of topics, from travel to romance, as well as several mystery novels. Much of my copywriting work has focused on helping technology and innovation companies convey their ideas and connect with customers. Often that means a timely blog, article, or case study, or a thought-leadership asset such as a long-form piece or ebook. It can also mean copy for websites and multichannel marketing campaigns. I also work with clients in finance, HR, education, consumer products, publishing, and other industries to create and deliver strategic brand messaging. If you have a message to share, I can help. Let's get your story out there.


Wisdom Odion


Personally, I can say that I would make a terrible autobiography book of myself. Might as well hire someone else to write my life story, (hopefully they won't be bored to death). Plus, I love terriers and I'd love to see a dog's Valhalla! Tech and Finance Junkie | Fintech writer | | Blockchain/Cryptocurrency Writer | | Technical Writer | Gaming Writer | Travel Writer | Pet Care Writer | CBD Writer