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Fi Forrest


Location icon United Kingdom

TABBIE award winning freelance writer. Online and in print, long-form, newsletters, blogs, website copy.

Interested in technology, textiles, sustainability and design.

The stories featured here are just a selection of my published work.

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AATCC Review magazine
Social entrepreneurship and sustainability

Over the past few years, entrepreneurs have arrived on the textiles scene with ideas that help ensure better living wage conditions for workers while also improving the environment. What does it take to turn a start-up based on ethical ideas into a thriving business?

AATCC Review magazine
Bringing space textiles down to earth

***TABBIE awards honourable mention winner*** Textiles are an essential part of the space industry. Every gram sent into orbit costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, so textiles must be lightweight as well as strong, and resistant to extremes of heat, cold, and ultraviolet radiation that they never have to experience down here on Earth.

AATCC newsletter
New Fibers from Waste Products

Growing concerns over sustainability of petrochemical-based yarns and water thirsty fiber crops have inspired new yarns and fabrics made from waste feedstock. Interest in these fibers and leather replacements, made from pineapple and banana leaves, orange peel, used coffee grounds, and waste cardboard is growing.

AATCC newsletter
Designing to Biodegrade

Planning for end of life for technical textiles is mandatory in many countries, but now some fashion designers are planning for the end of life of their garments. One method of complete disposal is biodegradation-but is a t-shirt that can biodegrade in just 12 weeks viable?

Full Revolution blogs
What is a Digital Product?

So, you've got a great idea for a digital product, but you're not sure what comes next. What does a digital product actually do? What is it made from? How do you make money out of your idea? What methods of monetisation are out there? Easy, Tiger.

AATCC Review magazine
Invisible automotive textiles

You may think that comfortable seats and plush carpets make up the majority of textiles in your car, but actually many of the textiles used in modern vehicles are invisible—concealed away under the hood, or in the console panels, hidden in plain sight.

Epo - European Inventor’s Awards (presentation/bid)
Peter Holme Jensen, Claus Hélix-Nielsen and Danielle Keller (Denmark)

The high-tech electronics industry has developed an unquenchable thirst for "ultrapure" water (UPW), but conventional water filtration methods prove highly energy consuming and unsustainable. Modelled on naturally occurring water-purifying proteins, so-called aquaporins, the water filters invented by Danish inventor Holme Jensen and his team provide an energy-efficient method for supplying ultrapure water on an industrial scale.

AATCC Review magazine
Sustainability, Slow Fashion, and the Circular Economy—is it the Next Great Opportunity?

Can a circular economy based on better design, production, and recycling of garments, slow “fast fashion” down long enough for us to save the planet? Green sourcing, sustainable production methods, and greater re-use and recycling is so fashionable right now that some of the world’s top designers are getting in on the act.

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