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Chris Freyer

Copywriter | Brand Storyteller | Copyeditor

I raise the quality of digital, corporate, and creative writing for top-tier brands and clients across multiple industries, genres, and areas of expertise. No ego, no drama. Just persuasive, powerful copy in long and short form. I approach every project as an opportunity to express inspiring, innovative ideas and share each client’s unique vision in a way their customers immediately understand. Companies as diverse as Accenture, Avanade, Boston Consulting Group, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Educational Epiphany, Scholastic, PepsiCo, and Warner Bros. Television Group know the level of agility, collaboration, and initiative I bring to the job. Let me show you.

Victor Adeyemi

SEO Content Writer | Technical Writer | Agriculture

Over the past few years, I have crafted compelling content for various niches and genres. One of the quality that make my writing enjoyable is that I make complex ideas easy to understand and provide valuable insights for readers. MY EXPERTISE & EXPERIENCE I'm a writer with about 2 years of writing experience in different niches and genres. I have extensive experience in content creation and have ghostwritten several blogs, sites and contents across various niches for brands like Walmart, EaseUS, VPNCentral, MSPower user, and many more. Some of these niches are technology, agriculture, lifestyle, food, software and cybersecurity, just to mention a few. PROVEN RESULTS Many of my articles have achieved favorable rankings on search engines and consistently attracted a substantial number of monthly visitors. I'm satisfied creating top-notch, SEO-friendly content that connects with readers and brings success to my clients. When we team up, our common objective will be to boost your brand's presence and substantially improve your revenue. If you have a project idea, don't hesitate to get in touch, and let's see if we align well. you can contact me via email at [email protected]

Morgan Kenyon

Business Journalist

About me... I am an experienced writer, editor, and business journalist working as an Australian-registered sole trader under my registered business: MGK Writing Services. I am also a student, currently completing my Bachelor of Arts/ Writing double degree at the University of Canberra. I major in Literary Studies and minor in Creative Writing, the latter being a personal passion. I have so far had the pleasure of writing for peak body organisations, not-for-profits, industry leaders, national and international franchises, SMEs, and sole traders. I value respect, passion, creativity, equity, and courage above all else. I grew up in a rural village and regional stories remain very dear to my heart. I am currently working as Business Journalist for Region Media. Writing is my world. Come and join me in it!


Alexander Palacios

Portafolio como creador de contenido

Él es un profesional en el campo de la creación y edición de contenido, con experiencia en informática y ciencias de la computación. Su nombre es Alexander Palacios, también conocido como “Jared Xander” en las redes sociales. Es bachiller en ciencias y letras, lo que le ha permitido desarrollar habilidades avanzadas de redacción y escritura. Su expertise se enfoca en la creación de contenidos en varias categorías, tales como tecnología, entretenimiento, educación y estilo de vida. Además, él tiene experiencia en la producción de vídeos para plataformas tecnológicas y es un recurso confiable para aquellos que tienen necesidades de contenido. Como autor y diseñador, ha creado su propio sitio web | | donde publica regularmente artículos y vídeos sobre temas relevantes en la actualidad. Su escritura web es clara y concisa, y siempre busca ofrecer información valiosa a sus lectores. En otras palabras, si estás buscando un creador de contenido con experiencia en informática, escritura y diseño, Alexander Palacios (Jared Xander) puede ser una excelente opción. Con habilidades avanzadas en redacción y conocimientos en diversas áreas, él puede ayudar a generar contenido de calidad para tus futuros proyectos. DATOS ADICIONALES Alexander Palacios (Jared Xander) es un creador de contenidos especializado en marketing digital y de contenido, cuya misión principal es elaborar ¡Valga la repetición de palabras! Contenidos de primera calidad que sean beneficiosos para su público objetivo. Para ello, se dedica a dominar la técnica de la pirámide invertida, que capta la atención de los lectores desde el primer momento. Además, él también tiene experiencia en edición de video, lo que le permite producir material atractivo y original para sus clientes. Le gusta experimentar con diferentes tipos de contenido, como artículos de blog, infografías, vídeos, entre otros, para encontrar la mejor estrategia de marketing en cada proyecto. Hacer los deberes e investigar las palabras clave más pertinentes, puede garantizar que sea relevante y tenga el máximo impacto. Esto le ayudará a optimizar su contenido para los motores de búsqueda y, en consecuencia, a potenciar su presencia en Internet. En este sentido, siempre busca ofrecer contenido que no solo sea informativo, sino también persuasivo y convincente para el público objetivo. En resumen, su visión como creador de contenido es, en esencia, la alta calidad, que sea útil, atractivo y original para su público objetivo. Si alguien está interesado en convertirse en un creador de contenido exitoso, se le invita a explorar los diferentes tipos de contenido disponibles y a experimentar con diferentes estrategias hasta encontrar la que funcione mejor para él.


Mariah Gresham

Storyteller • Marketer • Brand Strategist

Hello, world! I'm an Austin-based writer, marketer, and brand strategist. I love combining my passion for user experience, psychology, and accessibility to craft compelling stories that build meaningful relationships between brands and their customers. I've helped multiple organizations — from startups to enterprises — develop their brands and processes to better engage with their audiences. I'm always eager to explore new ideas and strategies to help organizations make an impact.


Jason Rhys Parry

Senior Content R&D, Sapienship

Building refuges for thinking.

Isabel Villarreal

Content Marketing Manager & Digital Marketing Specialist

I'm a Content Marketing Strategist and Digital Marketing Manager, with a hybrid background in Humanities, Journalism, and Business Development. I have written articles and stories about technology, finance, design, innovation, real state, travel, culture, and music. I love interviewing celebrities and SMEs. EN/SP.


Mark de Wolf

Tech Journalist

What's the story? You — your readers, your sectors, your advertisers. Delivering news and insights that help them make better business decisions is what I do. I'm a seasoned fintech journalist with a knack for distilling complex market mechanics and technical info into crisp, readable prose. Are you focused on a discreet sector or long-tail opportunity few people understand? I'll immerse myself and find a way to make it accessible and interesting to an everyman audience. I write about blockchain, crypto, forex, and energy commodities. News and features, corporate blogs, and executive profiles. Want to commission an article? Click the contact button below.

Danielle Kirsh

Senior Editor, Medtech

Hello there, I'm an award-winning medical device journalist and results-driven strategic communications professional with a proven track record in developing and executing comprehensive B2B communications strategies, driving impactful media relations, and amplifying brand narratives. I'm not just a journalist; I'm a passionate advocate for transparent, informative, and engaging storytelling. Let's connect and share stories!

JD Watson

Infosec Manager and Tech Writer

I’m a Linux systems engineer by trade and by passion. Mostly passion. Work is easy to get. Passion is harder to come by. I currently work in the infosec field. Specifically, I am a Vice President in Sec Ops at Morgan Stanley after several decades of progressively complex roles in sysadmin and SOCs. My daily work is split between the vast amount of effort required to function in such a large environment and good old-school script hacking to make things work. It’s a good mix, but I am very senior now and it is getting harder to get excited about learning the new hotness, so I mostly manage people who still love that stuff, and I write - sometimes a lot. This is the place where I can showcase some of the writing I have done over the years. I hope you enjoy it. If you’d like to keep up with my current blogging, you can subscribe or grab the RSS here.