Omosegbon Isaac

Sports Writer


I am a sports writer with a love for telling stories and a history of creating interesting articles for print and digital media. Skilled at gathering information, conducting interviews, and creating gripping stories. A track record of completing tasks on time and producing high-quality content.

As a sports writer, I comment on current football events, such as match results and scores, sports figures, and other relevant subjects. I immediately post articles and write-ups about diverse sports related contents and offer insight on trends pertaining to sport.

I am adept at editing, have excellent writing skills, am passionate about the sports sector, am observant, and can keep an eye out for breaking news. I also have a pharmacy degree . However, I have a cutting-edge desire to stay current on news in the sports world because of my enthusiasm and love for sports.

I'm searching for a challenging job as a sports writer where I can hone my craft and provide free-form, objective analysis.

Feel free to check out my portfolio below and Email me at [email protected]