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Azzief Khaliq

Freelance Writer and Journalist

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia-based freelance writer and journalist with 6+ years of experience writing about technology and music. Currently contributing to NME Asia, Taiwan Asean Music Action, and Voltcave. Previous roles include editor at The Wknd (2016 - 2017), a regionally recognised Southeast Asian music portal. Also a former news writer at now-defunct technology website Jon the Boy (2015 - 2016) and tech writer at (2013).

Dennis Nzesya

Freelance Writer

Meet your witty raconteur punching up in web copy matters. He leaves readers' over the roof in an enigmatic Queen's aplomb that resonates with the need! His brevity in curating crisp and informative publications stems from a desire to meet readers' demands with insatiable content worth your while. Dennis spars with sudoku's finest and the best of Kasparov's AI during tea breaks. Doubles up as an avid reader and utterly charismatic human!

James Cook

Associate director at 150Bond. Previously: Special correspondent at The Telegraph, technology editor at Business Insider UK. [email protected]

Anglo Content

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Paula Beaton

Freelance Tech Journalist, Writer and Editor

I've been a writer for ten years, an editor for six. These days I can mostly be found writing about tech over in the commerce division at Digital Trends, creating Android Authority's The Weekly Authority email newsletter while copyediting articles, or catching up on the latest weird and wonderful tech news.

Nora J. Foegeding, Ph.D.

Freelance Science Writer and Editor

What I enjoy most about being a science writer is the chance to learn from experts and piece their insights and discoveries into engaging media content. With almost a decade of experience in science communications and academic research, I can tackle diverse topics and quickly glean key takeaways. I also enjoy contributing creative ideas to visuals and marketing strategy. Please review my portfolio below for writing samples.

Patricia Alfheim

Communication, marketing and content specialist

I am a creative communicator and marketing strategist, with international experience building strong brands, translating technical content into engaging stories and developing innovative marketing campaigns.


Lyndol Tayler

Creative Copywriter and Content writer

Lyndol Tayler is a copywriter with experience in several fields. She has extensive SEO expertise and has written for websites such as Time Doctor, Amomama, and various other online powerhouses.


Byron Smith

content strategist & creator

Senior content creator and strategist experienced across digital, video and print in engaging users while achieving business objectives. A writer and editor of several years in media and corporations with a passion for clear, well-crafted communication and storytelling. Manager and team leader that motivates people to perform.

Amulya Shankar

Former journalist and writer, currently working on a MSc in Cybersecurity Governance at Leiden University in the Netherlands. Below is a (non-exhaustive!) list of my writing and radio work; please get in touch for more info. Twitter: @amulyats