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Nora J. Foegeding, Ph.D.

Freelance Science Writer and Editor

What I enjoy most about being a science writer is the chance to learn from experts and shape their insights and discoveries into engaging media content. With almost a decade of experience in science communications and academic research, I can tackle diverse topics and quickly glean key takeaways. I also enjoy contributing creative ideas to visuals and marketing strategies. Please review my portfolio below for writing samples.

Stephen R. Elliott

Content and product marketing

I'm a content and product marketing leader with experience creating, strategizing, managing, and executing digital marketing campaigns for B2B and B2C businesses. I've worked across healthcare, technology, SaaS, and health and wellness, writing both for businesses and consumers. My hobbies and interests include Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, general aviation, powerlifting, writing poetry and short stories, hiking, and lounging with my cat Stella and my dog Luna. In my free time, I like to volunteer for and donate to dog rescue organizations, habitat for humanity, and Food Bank NYC. I'm available for freelance writing, project management, or consulting for brand marketing and messaging, lead generation, and product marketing projects.


Patricia Alfheim

Communication, marketing and content specialist

I am a creative communicator and marketing strategist, with international experience building strong brands, translating technical content into engaging stories and developing innovative marketing campaigns.


Lyndol Tayler

Creative Copywriter and Content writer

Lyndol Tayler is a copywriter with experience in several fields. She has extensive SEO expertise and has written for websites such as Time Doctor, Amomama, and various other online powerhouses.


Byron Smith

content strategist & creator

Senior content creator and strategist experienced across digital, video and print in engaging users while achieving business objectives. A writer and editor of several years in media and corporations with a passion for clear, well-crafted communication and storytelling. Manager and team leader that motivates people to perform.

Amulya Shankar

Former journalist and writer, currently working on a MSc in Cybersecurity Governance at Leiden University in the Netherlands. Below is a (non-exhaustive!) list of my writing and radio work; please get in touch for more info. Twitter: @amulyats

Ayna Gonzales

Freelance Content Writer

Connect with your audience on a deeper level! Let me help you share your story and build a lasting relationship with your readers. I have been in the writing industry for over 7 years now. I have experience producing a wide variety of content -- blog posts, brochures, website copy, social media content, digital ads -- for different clients. I have worked with hotels, beauty & fashion brands, and online personalities. I understand that brands and businesses need the power of storytelling to reach their target demographic and effectively communicate what they can offer. I can help you do that and more. WRITING SERVICES PROVIDED: - Blogs and Articles - Copywriting - Website Content - Newsletter and Email Marketing - SEO Connect with me: [email protected]


Veronica Garcia

Digital Content Manager | Content Writer | Web Content Specialist

Veronica is a dedicated digital content enthusiast with an education in journalism and film. Over the years, she’s dabbled in creating, curating, and managing content. She even has several projects under her belt that include managing projects for Disney and ChiveTV accounts. As a freelance writer, she continues to build upon her writing muscles by learning to adapt to different writing styles and subject matters. This has allowed her to work on pieces that range from everyday news and application reviews to breaking down the latest real estate report for the average person. In her spare time, she manages her blog that advocates for epilepsy awareness and bakes to her heart’s content.


Lilly Saunders

Writer, Editor, and Content Creator

I first started writing as a blogger back in 2014, with iambookmad born from my love of books and reading. Since then, my website has turned into an eclectic mix of bookish posts, mental health advice, and more chatty, personal updates. It wasn't until 2020 that I realised that working as a content writer was something that I could do for a living. I worked in-house for a B2B company, before going freelance in October 2020 due to the pandemic. I've been working with digital marketing agencies for the majority of this time, but I'm largely not writing about topics that I'm passionate about. While I stopped freelancing in July 2022, I am still incredibly passionate about writing, and would love to get back my creative spark. With a degree in Neuropsychology and a postgrad diploma in Mental Health Sciences, I can ensure your industry content is: fully researched easy to understand without the bs WHAT I DO: - Blog posts - Web content - Press releases - Ghost writing - Copyediting - Developmental editing - General editing EXPERIENCE: - Google Docs - Microsoft Office - Slack - Notion - Zoom - Wordpress - Basic SEO AREAS I CAN COVER: - Online gaming, gambling, and betting - Finance and technology - Environment / Green technology - Computers - Mental health and wellbeing - Business innovation - Case studies and interviews To get in contact, email [email protected]


Vicki Powers

Words have taken me places and given me opportunities I never imagined. And it all started with a 7th-grade journalism class. I have experience writing all types of content including web copy, social media content, case studies, blogs, white papers, and more. I'm a strategic storyteller who loves sharing success stories of people and organizations. I have broad communications experience in corporate, nonprofit, and freelance writing with national clips in Entrepreneur and United Airline's magazine. I have an entrepreneurial spirit and started a hyperlocal site, Houston on the Cheap. I sold it in 2018 after publishing content for 9 years reaching 10+ million pageviews. My site was much more than a calendar -- but also a community. Readers shared how my site changed their life -- like the single mom who wrote how she wouldn't have had such an amazing summer with her kids if not for ideas from Houston on the Cheap.