Lilly Saunders

Writer, Editor, and Content Creator

United Kingdom

I first started writing as a blogger back in 2014, with iambookmad born from my love of books and reading. Since then, my website has turned into an eclectic mix of bookish posts, mental health advice, and more chatty, personal updates.

It wasn't until 2020 that I realised that working as a content writer was something that I could do for a living. I worked in-house for a B2B company, before going freelance in October 2020 due to the pandemic. I've been working with digital marketing agencies for the majority of this time, but I'm largely not writing about topics that I'm passionate about.

With a degree in Neuropsychology and a postgrad diploma in Mental Health Sciences, I can ensure your industry content is:
fully researched
easy to understand
without the bs

- Blog posts
- Web content
- Press releases
- Ghost writing
- Copyediting
- Developmental editing
- General editing

- Google Docs
- Microsoft Office
- Slack
- Notion
- Zoom
- Wordpress
- Basic SEO

- Online gaming, gambling, and betting
- Finance and technology
- Environment / Green technology
- Computers
- Mental health and wellbeing
- Business innovation
- Case studies and interviews

To get in contact, email [email protected]

Private Client
Can Smart Home Technology Increase the Value of Your House?

When you’re looking for a home, you’re probably looking for a house that is structurally sound, has no signs of damp, and is in a nice neighborhood. After all, nobody really wants to buy a property that requires a lot of work before you can move in.

Private Client
Why You Should Consider Upcycling Old Items

In an article almost thirty years ago which talked about the waste produced in Europe, Reiner Pliz argued how recycling during that time devalued older products when we should be adding new value to them instead; coining the term upcycling. In recent years upcycling has come to be increasingly more popular, especially as it helps people to live a more environmentally-friendly life, as well as it being an excellent way for your old items to get a new lease of life.

Trussle Mortgages
The Rise in House Prices Versus the Fall in Salaries

House prices around the world are at a record high – with supply and demand fueling this need to buy our own home. But due to these high prices, it has never been more difficult for people to get on the housing ladder. While this rise in house prices is beneficial if you’re looking to sell, when you account for the rising cost of living, it can be damaging to first time buyers. But what happens when you compare house prices and salaries with generational cohorts?

Private Client
The Tech Behind Bonus Calculations in Online Games

With more than 2 billion people playing online games, it’s no surprise that the global gaming market is on target to reach $257 billion by 2025. With the future of gaming growing and adapting, consumers spent over $4 billion on virtual reality (VR) games in 2020. Surprisingly, mobile games accounted for just under half of all video game revenue. Online gaming developers have seen an increase in popularity for puzzle and casino-style games, especially as they are relatively easy to play.

Private Client
The Benefits of Investing in Green Home Technology

There has been a lot of talk about climate change recently, especially with the COP26 summit towards the end of 2021, with scientists describing us as living on the edge of a code red for humanity. When you consider that increases in temperatures could mean the end of a sustainable environment, it becomes incredibly apparent for us to do everything we can to slow down the climate crisis. One way we can do this is by investing in green technology for our homes, with this article explaining all...

Private Client
Five Ways to Ensure Your eCommerce Business an Online Success

In 2020 there were almost 24 million different eCommerce websites on the internet, with this number growing every week. This number means that there are websites selling pretty much everything from clothes to pet food, and it can be difficult standing out from the crowd. However, there are several ways in which you can make your eCommerce business a success, from simply researching your target market to enhancing your business processes. This article will discuss five different ways that you...

Spend Life Travelling
Different Ways to Connect with People When You’re Travelling

Traveling is a popular hobby for many people around the world and is an excellent way for you to try new foods and experience different cultures. Whether you’re wanting to travel to somewhere in your own country, or visit some place abroad, you can interact with many new people. Here are three different ways that you can connect with people while you travel the world.

Atechy Group
Hacking the Heist: Making Stolen Art Accessible

Since COVID-19, museums around the world have been turning to virtual reality (VR) to attract visitors. One company pioneered VR technology in 2014 as a way to showcase 13 unique pieces of artwork that were stolen in 1990. This has led to the creation of an independent project called Hacking the Heist.

Atechy Group
Lush Cosmetics Innovation Case Study

Founded in Poole, England, in 1995, the main aim of Lush Cosmetics is to create natural beauty products. These products are simply designed, and made with fresh, good quality ingredients. Lush are now also active in supporting global causes dedicated to wildlife protection and LGBTQ+ rights. So, how is this cosmetics business changing the way people shop?

Private Client
How Is Content Marketing Changing

Content marketing is the process of attracting and retaining customers by consistently creating content to change or enhance consumer behaviour. It’s all about keeping your customers interested and passionate about what you do, so that they will support your business and buy your products and services. However, in 2021, coronavirus has led to a revolution in the content world.