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Eric Lai

B2B Technology Writer and Content Strategist

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I help B2B cloud and software vendors tell interesting stories that differentiate them from the pack and attract customers.

As a former technology journalist (ZDNet, Computerworld, Reuters, South China Morning Post) for 15+ years, I bring deep expertise from the enterprise IT space.

I have also worked in-house, including as a content marketing director for 5 years. So I understand the marketing needs of enterprise vendors, as well as their processes.

My forte is blogging, particularly thought leadership. Some of my pieces have generated half a million views and 1000+ comments.

I have also edited and written more than 20 ebooks, as well as numerous customer case studies, whitepapers, infographics, presentations, web pages, lead-generation emails, video scripts, and more.

My clients range from Fortune 100 to startups, and include: Rockset (cloud analytics), Acceldata (cloud data management), Cloudticity (healthcare cloud), Egnyte (cloud content management), Samsung (enterprise mobility), Oracle Communications (networking), Imperva (cybersecurity), Pinterest (online advertising), and Rogue Wave Software (DevOps).

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Blogs and Articles

Four Predictions for Data Analytics in 2022

The upheaval caused by the global pandemic in 2021 accelerated many changes in society, business, and technology. This was incredibly true in the sphere I work in, the cutting edge of data analytics.

The New Stack
Streaming Data and the Modern Real-Time Data Stack

The modern data stack emerged a decade ago, a direct response to the shortcomings of big data. Companies that undertook big data projects ran headlong into the high cost, rigidity and complexity of managing complex on-premises data stacks. Lifting and shifting their big data environment into the cloud only made things more complex.

Acceldata (ghostwritten startup CEO blog)
Data Observability - Why Neutrality is Key

Minimalism isn’t just cool because decluttering gurus like Marie Kondo say so. As the world gets ever more complicated, simplicity emerges as a rare and valuable commodity. So less becomes more, and 2 - 1 = 3.

Acceldata (thought leadership blog on data observability)
Is Your Data Trapped in a Black Box?

Your company’s mission-critical data is a lot like Schrodinger’s Cat. It’s trapped in a metaphorical black box into which you have very little visibility.

Acceldata (cloud data observability)
Why Data Engineers Must Manage Data Pipelines, Not Data Warehouses

It’s football season, so here’s a question: what if we overhauled the rules? Instead of the final score, what if the winner was the team that gained more yards on offense. Or, erm, snapped the football to the QB more times? Sounds crazy -- yet, in a way this is how the success of a company’s data operations is measured today.

Acceldata (data performance management)
Data Observability for Data Scientists

Data scientists used to be the company nerds. But data scientists — or data analysts, as well as their slightly older siblings, Business Intelligence (BI) analysts — have “glowed up.” Today, data scientists and analysts are heroes and MVPs.

BlackBerry (mobile security)
LinkedIn blog: How to Execute a Turnaround

I have ghostwritten many executive blogs, including this one for the BlackBerry CEO that has been read by 500,000 LinkedIn readers, generated 3,300 social reactions and 1000+ comments. Several other blogs have generated 100K views and nearly 1000 comments.


For 3 years, I wrote a thrice-weekly blog about enterprise mobility sponsored by SAP. It generated 100,000 views per month and won top corporate blog from B2B Magazine.

Avaya (telecoms)
Connected corporate blog

As content marketing director for Avaya, our blog readership nearly 300% Y/Y. We also grew our social engagement 125% Y/Y and social following 81% Y/Y.

BlackBerry (mobile security)
Corporate blog

I was chief editor for 4 years, leading the transition from smartphones to mobile security. During my time, we averaged one million readers per month.

Avaya (telecoms)
Innovations magazine

I launched and edited six issues of this magazine, which was sent to 10,000 existing and prospective customers.


BlackBerry (mobile security)
How to Think Like a Hacker

B2B thought leadership doesn't have to be dull and techie. This infographic in 14 slides (what I like to call 'infodeck'; alas this has not yet caught on) has a strong, credible POV and was a popular piece for mobile security vendor, BlackBerry.


BlackBerry (mobile security and management)
Guide to Mobile Healthcare

One of half-a-dozen thought leadership ebooks I edited and co-wrote for BlackBerry.

Avaya (customer service and telecoms)
Managing the Customer Experience

As content marketing director for Avaya, this was among half a dozen thought leadership ebooks I edited and produced. We won Silver Medal for Best Overall Editorial at the Content Marketing Awards.

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