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Shane Uy

SEO Content Writer

Good day, world! I have been tossed back and forth in the vast field of freelancing for almost a decade. By vast, I mean wandering from one field to a completely unrelated niche. I did ESL tutorials, real estate virtual assistance, cold calling, social media management, dropshipping, and my all-time favorite—content writing! At long last, I'm done gallivanting. I'm here to pursue my passion for words. Here's to all of us unapologetically chasing our dreams! Love, Shane Uy Brand Content Lounge


David Matthews

Freelance Tech & Gaming Journalist

Hi! I'm a freelance tech journalist based just outside of Washington D.C. specializing in consumer technology, mobility, and gaming. I have over five years of experience writing hundreds of intriguing, informational, and SEO-optimized articles with a focus on facts and a bit of humor.

Mauricio Luque


Former lawyer, I moved to Internet in 2,000.


Freelance Writer, Creative Director

Writer for Arcade Press. Professional copywriter, blogger, editor, and essayist. 💫 Exploring Minimalism, Internet Culture, Esports, and many other digital subjects.

Sam Rogers

Content Manager

Sam Rogers is a British-born writer permanently residing in the Netherlands. A specialist in the simple explanation of complex subject matter.


Jessica Grau Chopite

Content Writer

Both personally and professionally, I like to define myself as an adapting, versatile and multi-faceted person that is looking to become harder, better, faster and stronger without having to cite Daft Punk's lyrics.


Indhumathy Chelliah

Tablaeu Deveoper, Technical Writer

👨‍💻: Tableau Developer @ Health Data Link 👨‍🎓Pursuing MS in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in LJMU ✍️ 🥇2X Top Writer in Education, Women in Tech --> Medium

Chantelle Hough Louw

Freelance writer • editor • proofreader for hire

I am a freelance writer, editor and proofreader working under the name Prose and Consonants. After spending 11 years in corporate law, I got itchy feet and moved to academia, where I spent just short of 5 years teaching first-year law students how to write. I took the plunge into freelancing in 2018. Since then, I have created a robust portfolio from clients of different professional and academic backgrounds, both local and international. I research and write high-quality B2B marketing content and do editorial work for private and corporate clients, publishers, universities and more. And I work across various industries, including academia, law, engineering, information technology, corporate training, publishing, and more. I am also a member of the Professional Editors' Guild, the CIEP and the Legal Writing Institute. 📮 Send me an email at [email protected], and let's chat!

Tim Imkin

Tech Editor

I'm an Istanbul-based multilingual writer specializing in marketing copy & content writing, Russian-to-English translation, and social media comms. My main area of interest and editing expertise is tech, ranging from AI-driven B2B solutions to gaming.


Delaney Amatrudo


I am a freelance copywriter based in Nashville, TN. I hold a Bachelor's Degree from New York University and currently work on both marketing and blog content for