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Both personally and professionally, I like to define myself as an adapting, versatile and multi-faceted person that is looking to become harder, better, faster and stronger without having to cite Daft Punk's lyrics.

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6 Ways to Improve Baby Videos | Shutter Sage

It's no secret that cuteness has become a trend on the internet: whether there are kitten, puppies, babies or even little fluffy spiders, people just love aw-ing all the way. And although you may not intend to make a viral video, it can turn into one as long as you capture a cute, funny moment.

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5 Tips to create Black and White pictures | Shutter Sage

Have you taken a photograph in black and white and thought that something isn't exactly right? How could a black and white picture go wrong? Black and white pictures have been a trend for quite some time, since they are very practical for both photographers and aficionados in daily life: it's even a great option for selfies.

10 of the Scariest Places on Earth

Most places have their own history...but others, such as the following have extraordinary and spooky stories within. Here are the 10 Scariest places on Earth you should visit - or not. The million years' practice of hanging coffins is seen in many parts of the world, but in Sagada you can see an especially spooky landscape.

Badass Women in History

It's normal to remember many important men in history, since women did not get too much recognition in the past, no matter how badass their actions were. However, some women managed to overcome a - by then - man dominated world. Here's some of the Most Badass Women in History.

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A trip to South America: Venezuela for adventurous tourists

The world is filled with extremely interesting and beautiful places to go. Most of ideal trips aim to Europe capitals such as Paris, Rome, London...At the same time many people from those places like to travel to more adventurous areas. And South America is always a thought-provoking choice.

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Tips to Improve your Long Exposure Photography - 33rd Square

Create magical landscapes and night scenes by experimenting with long exposure photography. Long exposure photography consists of opening the camera's shutter a little longer than usual to allow more light to enter the lens. When the lens captures more light, it can transform an ordinary scene - giving it an almost magical quality.

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Practical Wedding Photography Tips - 33rd Square

A photographer does not know the word "inventiveness" until he/she has conducted a photoshoot at a social event. Progressive events, such as a weddings, are incredibly hard to capture because of the lack of repetitions.

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Street Photography Tips for Urban Explorers - 33rd Square

On every street, in every city, there are stories just waiting to be told. Street photography is about going out and taking shots of people (and pets) interacting with the city. It's great for two things: to learn and to take pictures that tell a story.

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Time Lapse: 5 Easy Steps to Create One | Shutter Sage

Everyone has seen these amazing "videos" in which we have the chance to experience the passing of the day/night in fast motion. Whether it's in the movies or in different terms, a time lapse video is always appealing.

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