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15 Things to Know to Master Python Dictionaries

Let's learn about python dictionaries in detail. A dictionary is a collection which is unordered, mutable, and indexed. In Python, dictionaries are written with curly brackets {}, and they have key:value pair.

Line of Best Fit in Linear Regression

Linear Regression is one of the most important algorithms in machine learning. It is the statistical way of measuring the relationship between one or more independent variables vs one dependent variable. The Linear Regression model attempts to find the relationship between variables by finding the best fit line.

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Thank You for taking the time to view my GitHub Profile 😄 🔭 I'm working as a Tabelau Developer. I also write blogs on data science, python and tableau in medium. I am also a content creator in SheCan Code.

Central Limit Theorem - Clearly Explained

Central Limit Theorem is one of the important concepts in Inferential Statistics. Inferential Statistics means drawing inferences about the population from the sample. When we draw a random sample from the population and calculate the mean of the sample, it will likely differ from the population mean due to sampling fluctuation.