Sarah Egah

Content writer and Copywriter


I create meaningful and engaging content that helps businesses and brands find their voice.


• Blog/Article Copy
I provide blog content that is SEO-optimised, well-researched, informative and engaging.

• Email Copy and Social Media Copy
I provide compelling content to increase brand awareness, build trust, gain clientele as well as retain clientele.

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Unplugged Coding Activities

In today's world, the basic knowledge of computer is not enough for anyone as digital technology is attaining new heights everyday. In this light, coding for kids has become the new normal and having your kids join the wagon is highly reco...

Google Docs

COMMUNICATION SKILLS - ENCOURAGING COMMUNICATION SKILLS The ability to communicate effectively and efficiently can be described as an essential life skill in 21st century skills for kids. Communication skills in kids is imperative to their development phase and teaching them these skills dur...

Kids as Creators with Tech not Just Consumers of Tech

Are you a creator of technology or consumer of technology? It is natural that there are more consumers than creators. However, every country needs substantial number of creators to be able to progress and compete globally. Therefore, it important to equip kids with the habit of creating technology rather than just using it.

Tech Learning -Codeworld.

Why It Is Important To Include At Least One Tech Learning Exposure For Your Kids In 2022 We live in an age of innovation, where technology is providing solutions to problems. We live in a digital era where technology is at our beck and call. We have everything at our finger tips due to technolog...

How You Can Plan - CodeWorld. Sum.

How You Can Plan Your Budget For Your Kids' Extracurricular Learning for 2022 If you are the parent of a child who is involved in extracurricular learning, you know the participation cost can really add up. Classes, lessons, equipment, competitions, tournaments, to mention but a few. Extracurricu...

How to Help Manage Screen Time

Screens and other technologies are such a major part of modern life and culture. I mean, the entire world runs on technology. As a parent, this can be understood as a positive or negative trend or pattern. Basically, it simply depends on how you feel about screen time and its effects on kids.