Vicki Powers

United States

Words have taken me places and given me opportunities I never imagined. And it all started with a 7th-grade journalism class.

I have experience writing all types of content including web copy, social media content, case studies, blogs, white papers, and more. I'm a strategic storyteller who loves sharing success stories of people and organizations.

I have broad communications experience in corporate, nonprofit, and freelance writing with national clips in Entrepreneur and United Airline's magazine.

I have an entrepreneurial spirit and started a hyperlocal site, Houston on the Cheap. I sold it in 2018 after publishing content for 9 years reaching 10+ million pageviews. My site was much more than a calendar -- but also a community. Readers shared how my site changed their life -- like the single mom who wrote how she wouldn't have had such an amazing summer with her kids if not for ideas from Houston on the Cheap.

Baylor College of Medicine
Quarterly Publication

I curate content, write articles, and design the quarterly newsletter for Department of Psychiatry at Baylor College of Medicine.

Houston Recovery Center
Client Success Story

I love writing client success stories about their journey to recovery with the help of our nonprofit services. Storytelling provides hope to those who struggle.

Houston Recovery Center
2020-2021 Impact Report

I designed the publication and created all the graphics. Learn how we continued to impact the Houston community, even as the pandemic created challenges for operation.

Houston Recovery Center
2019-2020 Impact Report

I designed the publication and created the graphics: highlights of outcomes, growth, new partnerships, and client success stories at Houston Recovery Center.

hyperlocal site
Houston on the

I started Houston on the Cheap in 2009 as a project in a blog class. It took off quickly and became a popular hyperlocal destination for free and cheap fun in Houston. Readers shared how it made a difference in their family life. I sold the site in 2018 to a local publishing team.

What a Homeless Man Taught Me and My Dog
Blog Post

Blog post I wrote at Houston Recovery Center about homeless in my neighborhood.

Houston Recovery Center
Rise of Non-Alcoholic Beverages During Pandemic

It's a contrast of increased drinking during COVID-19 but also the rise of non-alcoholic beverages. Chris Marshall, owner of a sober bar in Austin, shares his thoughts -- and whether Houston can support a sober bar.

Houston on the Cheap
$5 Mattress Miracle at Mattress Firm

It all started with a case manager who shared Houston on the Cheap. And a woman living in a shelter with an amazing faith... I call it the $5 Mattress Miracle, and she would, too.

Business 2.0
Flour Power

Freelance article I pitched and wrote for Business 2.0. With a little help from the web, King Arthur has built a premium brand out of one of the world's most mundane commodities.

Opioid Resources
Social Media Campaign

I wrote the Facebook post and created the graphic for our opioid grant social media campaign.

Opioid resources campaign video
How to Save a Life

I created a variety of videos around recovery and substance use disorder. This one was for the Opioid campaign as part of the Texas Targeted Opioid Response (TTOR) grant to provide free Narcan and training.