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Good day, world!

I have been tossed back and forth in the vast field of freelancing for almost a decade.

By vast, I mean wandering from one field to a completely unrelated niche. I did ESL tutorials, real estate virtual assistance, cold calling, social media management, dropshipping, and my all-time favorite—content writing!

At long last, I'm done gallivanting. I'm here to pursue my passion for words.

Here's to all of us unapologetically chasing our dreams!

Shane Uy
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Real Estate Coaching

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5 Signs a Real Estate Mentor Can Make You Successful

If you're torn between which of the mentors is perfect for you, do your due diligence before signing up for any of their programs. See who ticks all these 5 signs that a real estate mentor can make you successful. Running through this checklist ensures you the value for your investment.

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5 Real Estate Networking Ideas for 2022

This article will explore the top 5 real estate networking ideas for 2022. See how combining in-person interactions and online presence makes for the perfect up-to-date networking strategy.

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5 Productivity Tips on Showing Up When You're Not Okay

As a realtor, there are things you should do regardless of your emotional state. Showing up to client appointments is on top of the list. It’s not something you can outsource, either. There are effective productivity tips you can follow when you have to show up on days when you just don’t feel like it. Altogether, they build you a system streamlined to work with minimal supervision to help you with performance consistency.

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Will You Survive Your First Five Years as a Real Estate Agent?

You will survive your first five years as a real estate agent if you have the following: investment, value proposition, hunger for knowledge, resilience, and a five-year game plan. It is not so much of a question of whether or not you can sell but how well you can weather the storm.

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Is It Worth Getting a Real Estate Coach?

Regardless of how well you’re doing right now, it is worth getting a real estate coach if you intend to grow and build a successful business. Surviving alone is difficult, let alone building an empire. Hence, having a coach in your arsenal puts you on a better footing for success.


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A Deeper Understanding of Your Buyer's Journey

With so many sellers trying to persuade your potential buyer to take their offers, it can be very difficult to get buyers to single your products out and choose to close the deal with you. Is there any way you could make that non-linear decision-making process work for you? There is!

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How to Integrate Social Media With Your Ecommerce Website

For a thriving e-commerce site, taking advantage of social media is one of the most effective means to grab a good number of customers and reach sales targets. But you need a well-rounded marketing strategy for it to work. Here are several effective methods to productively use social media for your online store promotion.

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Product Image Optimization to Boost Your Sales

product representation via images is a huge concern that you should consider. Not only does the first impression always come through physical appearance, but it also represents your credibility as an e-commerce store. Studies show that product image quality is directly proportional to how shoppers rate an e-commerce store’s competency. Read along for important pointers to remember in optimizing your product images for your ecommerce store!

Podcast Review

Dream Nation
#10 Black Business Podcasts Worth Streaming in 2021

Stuck in your life and still blaming the system for all the unfair disadvantages of being a black person in this competitive society? Start streaming to these top 10 black business podcasts to motivate you to pick yourself together, start an empire, and conquer the world.