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Sam Rogers is a British-born writer permanently residing in the Netherlands. A specialist in the simple explanation of complex subject matter.


Technical & Analytical Writing

Personal Essay
A Monumental Theft Regime: Hitler's Art Army

"The National Socialist German Workers' Party had grown in popularity since Adolf Hitler took charge in 1920. His first step had been to rebrand the old German Workers Party in an attempt to sway the disgruntled post-WWI German masses into action — and it was working." Discover how, the mass confiscation of artwork in World War Two is still affecting the victim's descendants in the 2020s.

Private Client
Céline, give them black on white

The 21st Century ushered in marketing that embraced short, simple and legible advertising tropes. A prime example of this movement, perhaps started by the Apple iPod minimalist revolution, is the new Céline logo.

LED Professional Review
LED Solar Simulation Technologies (Pages 50–53)

Page 50–53. A solar, or sun simulator, is an artificial system designed to accurately replicate the spectral distribution and illuminance of natural sunlight. There are different types of solar simulator, each with technical specifications designed to fit particular applications. The various types are often separated by the type of exposure in use—flashed, continuous, and pulsed. As new scientific advances were made, attention shifted from the standard halogen and xenon lamps. We have entered...

Ushio Europe Group
Excimer: The Technology Explained

The term excimer refers to a temporary atomic state in which high-energy atoms form short-lived molecular pairs, or dimers, when electronically excited. These pairs are called excited dimers. As the excited dimers return to their original state, the residual energy is released as a ultraviolet C (UVC) photon. In the 1960s, a new portmanteau, excimer, emerged from the science community and became the accepted term for describing excited dimers. By definition, the term excimer refers...

Ushio Europe Group
Beauty is in the Diode of the Beholder

Optical food sorting: fluorescent lamps provided powerful visible light illumination, while halogen introduced infrared wavelengths to the application. These processes gradually improved as food safety awareness increased and the arrival of a globalised market that demanded easy access to fresh produce from around the world. Fast forward just shy of 90 years and we have entered an era of 100% non-destructive, non-invasive, fully-traceable optical sorting – thanks, in no small part, to the...
Blood, sweat, and tears: the innovation behind multi-wavelength LEDs

When applications call for a higher multi-colour output power, such as automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), Ushio designs and manufactures customised multi-chip SMBB packages and EDC LEDs where a smaller footprint is required. Additionally, photodiodes can be integrated into the customised packages to allow sensory measurement and analysis alongside the light emitting capabilities. Other customisable options include package shape, type, and number of light emitting chips.

Private Client
Human Factors in UAV Operations

The SHEL concept was developed by Edwards (1972), dictating that the operational outcome of an unmanned aviation vehicle (UAV) can be defined through a combination of four interfacing factors: Software, Hardware, Environment, and Liveware.

Coffee Stuff

Finca Naya Coffee - Company Introduction

Take a sip of that majestic black liquid, those deeply complex aromas hit your nose like no other can, right? Now, ask yourself what you’re drinking. First and foremost, as a roaster you really know coffee, but do you really know your coffee? Sure, you may know the varietal, the name of the exporter who supplies your beans and maybe you can even name the cooperative supplying the exporter. But what happened before that? Is this the best coffee you can get your hands on right now? What...

The Goatherd & The Sufi: The Dawn of Coffee - Finca Naya

Knocking back your favorite gourmet coffee may seem like second nature to you, and it does for millions of caffeine drinkers around the world, but this wasn't always the case. In fact, you could say that the discovery of coffee wasn't a human endeavor at all.