Julianne Balmain

Copywriter, content creator, author

United States

I’m a San Francisco Bay Area writer and copywriter with loads of experience in a wide variety of topics and industries. I've written just about everything there is to write, including all kinds of brand messaging, corporate communications, a surprising range of nonfiction, and even a few mystery novels.

Much of my recent work has focused on helping technology and innovation companies convey their ideas and connect with customers. Often that means a timely blog, article, or case study, or a thought-leadership asset such as a long-form piece or ebook. It can also mean copy for websites and multichannel marketing campaigns.

If you have a message to share, I'm ready to help. Let's get your story out there.

Gartner Success Stories: Surge Transportation

Surge Transportation seized the opportunity to quickly grow their business by sponsoring Gartner Supply Chain Symposium/Xpo, where they were able to connect with business leaders across industries and forge new strategic partnerships.

Anaplan recognized for its Extended Planning and Analysis (xP&A) capabilities | Anaplan

Jen Howard Hogg Sr. Director, Analyst Relations & Corporate Comms No industry has escaped the dramatic upheavals of recent years. Business has been buffeted by forces that even the most advanced organizations find bewildering. They need new strategies, tools, and resources to cope with a world where the scope and speed of change is unprecedented.

Chronicle Books
Chronicle Books: The First 50 Years

Independent publisher Chronicle Books has been making things happen in San Francisco since the Summer of Love. Inspired by the enduring magic of books, the independent publisher has been a bastion of West Coast innovation for decades and remains committed to sparking passions. "Chronicle Books: The First 50 Years" is a comprehensive guide to where we came from and where we're going next.

The Wall Street Journal
Hälsa finds a way through the pandemic

Upstart natural foods company Hälsa faced massive challenges when Covid-19 struck. This piece helped get the word out that they survived.

Gartner Expert Q&A with Gene Phifer

In the run-up to Gartner Application Strategies & Solutions Summit 2019, Gartner experts in the space discussed the key topics and new challenges application leaders would face in the year ahead--and how attending the event would help them make more effective decisions.

Chronicle Books
Lethal Vintage (Sunny McCoskey Napa Valley Mysteries Book 4)

Lethal Vintage (Sunny McCoskey Napa Valley Mysteries Book 4) - Kindle edition by Gordon, Nadia. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Lethal Vintage (Sunny McCoskey Napa Valley Mysteries Book 4).

What is scenario planning? | Anaplan

Danielle Dahlstrom Director of Product Marketing, Finance Solutions In hindsight, 2007 would have been a great year to unload your hefty variable-rate mortgage. Likewise, that invitation to decamp for the New Zealand flower farm-the one with the great Wi-Fi-back in 2019? Definitely go with that.

Separating FP&A from financial close and consolidation | Anaplan

Ray Curbelo Global Head, Finance Solutions Growth-minded CFOs look to new technologies for help transforming and modernizing the business. In a world where efficiencies have been wrung out of most systems long ago, one area where businesses can still discover caches of untapped value is in improving the planning and decision-making processes.

Procurement planning platform: A central collaborative environment | Anaplan

Bryan Baum Director, Procurement Solutions Procurement doesn't typically bask in the spotlight. It has always been the backstage gaffer of the show, making things run smoothly behind the scenes. Well, no longer. These days, thanks to serial disruption on a global scale, all eyes are on the supply chain.

Procurement planning platform: Opportunities to reduce costs

Bryan Baum Director, Procurement Solutions Any number of unforeseen circumstances-pandemics, natural disasters, disruptions to shipping routes-can interrupt the regular flow of goods and services. Regardless, procurement is expected to come through and to do so while saving money and finding new efficiencies.

Reinforce your supplier network against risk and uncertainty | Anaplan

Bryan Baum Director, Procurement Solutions Deloitte Insights asked more than 400 chief procurement officers, "What is the best thing you can do as a procurement leader to bolster your supplier network against disruption and uncertainty?" The resounding answer was to improve communication. When a crisis hits, information is everything.