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Heather Richardson

Freelance Writer

Heather Richardson is a Tennessee-based writer and storyteller specializing in community and people profiles, corporate storytelling and business content writing. She has more than a decade of experience in the writing industry with a varied project range including news articles, feature stories, reviews, blog posts, website content, and academic writing. Whether you are a business with a plan or a person with a dream, starting a project can be challenging. Continuing a project can often be tedious. In working with Heather, you and your team can expect engaging content that showcases the heart and energy of your plans and dreams and reaches your audience with authenticity and purpose. The stories we create drive the dreams we actually get to live. Ready to live your dream? Let’s hear your story.


Sunit Bhakta

Founder of SoCal Sports Hub. Former Intern at Crazy Raccoons LLC, ESPN 1700 BISTalk Radio,and iConcept Media Group. Former Student Sports Writer for FanSided and isportsweb.

Born and raised in Los Angeles and received a Bachelors in Business Administration from the University of San Diego.

Ted Alan Stedman

Freelance journalist and photographer

I've worked as an independent writer/reporter/photographer for 25+ years. My work spans B2B covering outdoor recreation and environmental topics to general consumer publications focusing on travel, science, recreation and more. I've worked on-contract as a ski journalist for one of the nation's top 10 daily newspapers, as product and gear reviewer for numerous monthly publications, as well as a writer reporting on various aspects of domestic and international travel. My work also includes regular monthly columns in national print media, features in international news media such as BBC and CNN, plus countless stories and reported pieces filed from dozens of countries on six continents.


Ciara Dominique

Freelance Journalist

I'm Ciara Dominique, a freelance journalist dedicated to developing the stories around us everyday. Specializing in drawing connections and weaving concepts esoterically, common subjects include but are not limited to music, psychology, culture, art and our contextual experiences amidst it all. Diversification in work is important to a well rounded lens therefore I DJ, self publish/distribute a zine, and have experience hosting radio, podcasts, and events. Thank you for your perusing! Have a great day!


Garth Brunner

Story Writer

I have always loved being creative in any way that I could. As a child, I was constantly reading, writing, playing make-believe with my toys, and even crafting long, complex narratives and backstories for them. Even so, my answer to “What do you want to be when you grow up?” always shifted. I wanted to be a dentist, a teacher, or a vet… There wasn’t one particular passion that stuck with me. Then, one day, there was a movie called How to Train Your Dragon. No, no, I didn’t work on it, as much as I wish I did. However, that film changed something inside of my preteen brain, and films, television, and other forms of visual storytelling became my biggest passion. I knew what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I heard about Ithaca College’s incredible film program and it sounded like the perfect fit. There, I earned my BFA in Writing for Film, TV, and Emerging Media. It was everything I dreamed of and more and allowed me to not only perfect valuable skills like different forms of storytelling, but I wrote for projects I was genuinely passionate about. I was truly in love with this line of work. I still am! Before my contract with mixi America, Inc. came to an end, I absolutely adored writing interactive stories with them. As of now, I am looking for the next project to that I can devote my time, energy, and heart. Contact at [email protected] or (518)779-3421.


Debra Pamplin

Freelance Writer

Since beginning my career as a freelance writer in 2007, I have had many articles published. Websites such as USA Today Travel, Coldwell Banker and NerdWallet.com have run my stories. I currently freelance for RVLife.com and AAA Explorer. Over the years, my byline has appeared in prints such as AAA Southern Traveler, Kentucky Monthly, AAA Midwest Traveler, Golden Isles Magazine, Northwest Meeting News, Jacksonville Magazine, and Floss Magazine. I create a weekly blog post on my travel-themed blog, Travel 'n Tunes, and am always open to guest blogging.

Kendra A. Morales

Associate Director of News Media Services

Media relations professional with ten years of combined experience in higher education and journalism. • Writes and edits news articles, press releases and media advisories under tight deadlines • Responds to news media inquiries • Pitches story ideas to media outlets • Monitors news for emerging coverage opportunities • Helps university officials coordinate and prepare for media interviews • Assists with planning and publishing emergency communications

Joseph Case

Freelance Writer

Dad. IB history teacher. dog walker. The clips on here are from a while ago. What I write now are short stories and novellas that are a blend of fiction and non-fiction. After a couple years of writing a collection of them I am sending them out to publishers this summer! The limit on this website is 9 "clips" and almost all the ones I uploaded are via PDF, which only open on computers, or at least not on iPhones. For inquiries contact [email protected]

Stephanie Slepian

Journalist, Storyteller, Editor, and Social Media Expert

Passionate storyteller and seasoned reporter with vast experience in producing content for digital and print news, as well as social media platforms. Excellent interviewing skills with the ability to turn around powerful, meaningful, and heartfelt conversational prose. A love of researching and digging deep, looking for the human experience in the details. Adept at planning campaigns, managing multiple projects that raise awareness and builds the brand of an organization. Deep connection to local elected officials, non-profits, the business community, cultural and veteran’s organizations. Resourceful, innovative and passionate about empathetically listening to people's stories. Below you will find 10 stories written by Stephanie. For more clips, please contact her at [email protected]


Chris Gilbert, Ed.D.

Instructional Designer and Content Writer

Hello! I am a skilled instructional designer with 10+ years of experience crafting curricular materials and designing educational experiences for a range of learners including high school students, undergraduates, and adult learners. As a secondary school educator and college instructor, I learned to develop lessons, activities, and curricular content aligned with active learning principles and delivered via eLearning platforms. I continue to promote student-centered learning through my work as a curriculum designer at Sora Schools, an innovative, online school. I am also a skilled writer who has crafted content for a range of audiences. Through publishing academic journal articles, curriculum guides for Patagonia and Penguin Random House, book chapters, blog posts, and opinion pieces, I have learned to plan, research, and produce compelling content that informs, persuades, and moves audiences to action. If you think my skills could benefit you, or you wish to see a full list of my publications, please contact me at [email protected]