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Jennifer Perez-Harris

Content Strategist | Copywriter | Agent of Change

Location icon United States

Former Los Angeles Times reporter. Top-notch content strategist. Killer marketing writer who has worked with Epson, Amazon, Newgistics, and other global giants. I can take a one-hour interview and turn it into 20+ pieces of content, develop an entire website content strategy from scratch, and write any type of marketing copy you can think of.

Frequent topics:

Connected healthcare
Digital identity
Smart cities
The future

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Resume, Testimonials and Signature Work

My Resume

My resume -- from accomplishments to work history

Signature projects - ResMed

From projects to planning to naming entire departments, here's a list of some of the high-profile work I did in just one year at ResMed.

Featured work

XYO and the Power of Persistence

Wednesday morning, after one of the most gut-wrenching hours in the life of XYO, a somber hush fell over our headquarters. We are not, by nature, a quiet company. So you can only imagine the unfamiliar, almost offensive intrusion of silence in our once-bustling back room.

Landing page -- Newgistics / ncommerce technology

This landing page was designed to get people excited about advanced omnichannel software for retailers by having them view a short video. The CTA was to have them sign up for a demo. The signup page was moved to above the fold.

Website copy - Marketing firm

This web copy was for a marketing firm that wanted to set itself apart through a strong focus on branding. It was well-received and was great for bringing in clients, but eventually the team changed focus and a new page was put up.

XYO and Metadium: Bringing the Power of Identity Back to the People

Way back in the day, all a person needed was a government-issued ID - a piece of paper - to buy and sell and move freely about the land. A person's world was small. Local. People became familiar with faces and hairstyles and clothing and funny walks. The more people interacted, the harder it became to pretend to be someone else.

Sleep Review Magazine
Magazine ad insert - Medical device

This piece appeared in the magazine, and included a round piece of memory foam so readers could touch it and feel how soft the mask was.

Advertising taglines and naming

Product naming - Epson Robots

Epson needed names for several robot groups and dozens of individual robots. I chose music, dance and other themes.

Various travel publications
Medford, Oregon taglines

A prominent tourism agency contacted me to rebrand the city of Medford, Oregon. The goal was to portray the city as a sophisticated, cultured destination.

Name for Venezuelan eatery

For this project, I needed to come up with whimsical names for a colorful and casual Venezuelan eatery. Many of the names included the word "arepa", a traditional dish in the South American country.

Wescom Credit Union tag lines

Wescom Credit Union needed a rebrand to compete with local banks. The idea? Show that Wescom had all the conveniences of a big bank, with an added family feel.

A-Z Content Planning and Creation

SEO Blog migration strategy - ResMed

Before ResMed moved its old blog to its main website, they needed a brand new SEO strategy as well as new content ideas, standards and practices, and more. This document is my blog manifesto.

Website mapping and content - Educational program

Urban and low income youth, especially in Detroit, face a staggering, potentially life-threatening life skills and technology gap. They have lower internet connectivity, fewer computers at home, abysmal access to technology in schools, and they shoulder significant opportunity challenges outside the classroom. Acquiring the life skills that will close these gaps, unfortunately, is a luxury.

Medical Writing

B2C brochure - Memory foam CPAP mask

This customer-facing B2C brochure was sent to patients interested in ResMed's memory foam CPAP mask. It included some technical info, but also advertising copy created to build intrigue and drive sales.

Presentation - Connected care device for truck drivers

Presentation deck featuring IoT medical monitoring devices for truck drivers. This deck was written specifically for an audience that included an ex-governor, several state representatives, and other high-profile attendees.

Kickstarter website
Crowdfunding copy - Medical software

Kickstarter campaign copy for medical scheduling software created by two Amarillo doctors. The software was eventually presented to President Obama and other leaders, and came very close to being sold to the government.

Prezi presentation - Medical SaaS

A Prezi presentation on how new software could fix the problems at the DA. My first Prezi, it was shown to government leaders and even drove one person to tears. .

Lofta Marketing Proposal

Full content and marketing proposal for a company providing sleep apnea treatment and products

Email drip and landing page campaign - Bilevel webinar

This start-to-finish email drip and landing page campaign promoted an important B2B webinar targeting medical suppliers across the country. The campaign increased webinar attendance by more than 40%, with 90% of viewers finding the information very helpful.

ResMed suppliers
ResMed ReSupply guide

This complicated project was designed to become the authority for durable medical suppliers interested in resupply. It took many months to develop and required approval from almost a dozen ResMed executives.

Dropship box copy - Resmed Airsense 10

This box copy was written to make patients feel comfortable when they receive their Resmed CPAP and accessories in the mail. For the first-time CPAP user, even opening the box can seem intimidating.

Night Post newsletter
B2B content - Google AdWords for sleep labs

With subscribers dropping from the Night Post newsletter email list, I decided to try something new with a two-page PDF on using Google Ads for sleep labs. This explains the pros and cons.
B2C web page - Medical device sales content

Customer-facing copy for the first memory foam CPAP mask of its kind. After several months at ResMed, I was chosen as a copywriter for this prestigious project.

Proposal -- The Cascade Project

This document proposes a radical program to grown and harvest healthy food for high-risk patients with heart disease, diabetes and other conditions.

Auxilio network security clients
B2B content - New HIPAA rules

When HIPAA was changed, we needed a simple-to-understand breakdown of the new rules. This educational piece listed seven new changes and how they'd affect medical and billing-related businesses.


Blog post - 360⁰ Performance Assessment

Performance reviews. Both managers and employees dread them, and many experts say they do little to improve performance. This blog post lays out how to create a 360⁰ assessment, a helpful blueprint for employee success.

Geisel Software blog
Blog post - Kickstarter video tips

This extremely popular blog post was linked to by Forbes and other major publications. Part of a small series on Kickstarter for Geisel Software, it brought in traffic and was one of our most-read posts.

Vaksman Khalfin | Lawyers
Blog post - Litigation attorney traits

SEO-optimized blog post on the great traits of reliable business litigation attorneys. Uploaded / optimized in WordPress using Yoast plugin.

Compass Financial Group
Blog post - Stopping human trafficking

Ghostwritten for financial advisory firm, this piece is based on an interview with a woman well-known for her human trafficking prevention.

Geisel Software
Blog post - Website content tips

We know you've seen this website: Huge blocks of text. Shoe-horned keyphrases. This blog post offered design and copy techniques to keep people on sales pages.

Vaksman Khalfin | Lawyers
Blog post - Post-car accident tasks

After an automobile accident, the clock starts ticking. This post mapped out what to do immediately after a car accident.

Financial Writing

Private - Independent Financial Advisor
Sales brochure - Divorce planning

A simple brochure for people going through divorce - and how to handle their finances, with the help of a financial advisory firm. The copy was part emotional and part sales.

Sales flyer -- Amazon Employee Loan

This mortgage flyer targets Amazon employees who need a home loan, but don't have cash for a down payment. It introduces the concept of using a bonus, stock or more to buy a home.

Private - Independent Financial Advisor
Sales brochure - Late accumulators

For the late accumulators who never really saved for retirement, this brochure was a Godsend. It handily promoted a financial advisory firm while speaking to a fear of not having enough money to retire.

Private - Independent Financial Advisor
Sales brochure - Financial legacy

This brochure promoted a financial advisory firm, but also spoke directly to potential clients who wanted to map out who inherited their wealth after they passed on.

The Liberated CEO
Blog post - The pillars of valuation

Ghostwritten for high-profile financial advisor based on a chapter in his book, The Liberated CEO. It focuses on how to prep your business for sale, from employees to metrics.

Private - Independent Financial Advisor
Sales brochure - Planning for retirement

A financial brochure for people who have prepared for retirement, but need to maximize the nest egg they've put away. Created for a popular independent financial advisory firm.

Technology Writing

SaaS Branding Sheet - Government On The Go

A simple, two-sided flyer promoting SaaS for government team and task management. Tagline is mine, as is all other copy. Made for a tech company in Ireland.

Geisel Software - About us

An About Us page encapsulating a web, app and embedded (IoT) software development firm. This page was responsible for bringing in good leads and easing the minds of people interested in hiring the company for technology work.

Kickstarter campaign - Sesame hands-free phone

A crowdfunding campaign for hands-free software created for the disabled. I took the concept of "no touch" and flipped it to "hands free" because it resonated more with the audience.

Issue #1: Updates From the Dev Cave - XYO Network - Medium

Welcome to XYO Network's very first installment of "Updates From the Dev Cave!" This is where we'll share what our awesome dev team is working on, and dig deeper into blockchain and other technology that keeps us coding - late into the night.

Email marketing

Email list
Sales email - Kickstarter campaign

A sales email created to get people to donate to a Kickstarter campaign featuring the world's first wooden solar charger. It built up the exclusivity angle, offering the audience an elite chance to donate and get the product before the public.

Email list
Email - Spatial Report

This was one of 10 monthly drip emails designed to promote XYO's first annual conference, Spatial.

Geisel Software
Email newsletter - Technology company

CEO Brian Geisel went to Guatemala and built a computer lab. This newsletter publicized his altruism, but also showcased where he was interviewed in the media.

Email list
Email - Private detective agency

This email series is designed to keep the private detective firm top-of-mind with clients -- and bring in new business.

Email list - sleep labs
Email newsletter - Sleep labs

A monthly newsletter targeting thousands of sleep lab employees, managers and physicians (list of 50,000+). This B2B email focused on education, new advancements in technology and devices, and sleep lab monitoring techniques.

Corporate and employee bios
Company owner bios - Education portal

Two bios, two extraordinary people. This page was created to be one of the most important parts of a website focusing on education for at-risk teens and adults.

ResMed lobby display
Corporate bio - History of ResMed

This was the first draft of copy for a new, interactive lobby display. ResMed executives wanted to tout the company's rich history, while showcasing how far the business had come.

Hospitality / Real Estate

Sales copy - Upscale Houston condos

This set of web copy was meant to dazzle potential condo buyers. This modern, high-tech building was one of the first in this upscale are of Houston. The condos sold out.

Saginaw Sunset
Sales copy - Upscale Oregon homes

This web copy promoted a community of high-performance custom homes in the Heart of Bend, Oregon. Built for upscale buyers, they were sustainable and designed to stand for generations.

The Prague Post
Review copy - Prague hotel

My favorite travel piece. This is a review of an ultra-modern, stylish hotel in Prague. It built buzz and was featured in the English-language luxury magazine I co-launched, FastLane.


Podcast interviews - Heart of Business

After founding a business podcast for SaaS email marketing company Benchmark email, I served as a co-host for more than a year. I booked guests and interviewed them along with another employee.

Video production - Customer testimonials

Benchmark Email had the users, but not the testimonials. I tracked down each happy customer, interviewed them off-camera, and even offered suggestions in the editing room.


Lighthouse Financial Services
Press release - Operation Christmas Child

Lighthouse employees and friends volunteered for Samaritan's Purse, along with 8,000 others, to pack boxes of gifts for impoverished children in Mexico.This press release promoted the event.

Media outlets
Press release - Time management / calendar app

This press release announced the unveiling of what is now an extremely popular app at a Dublin web summit. The app is an interactive social calendar, time manager, and more.

Media outlets
Press release - NSF grant

This was a press release announcing the award of a prestigious grant to a medical software developer. The software itself was designed to reduce hospital waste and streamline patient care.

Public relations - Geisel Software

Using HARO (Help a Reporter Out), I pitched Geisel Software CEO Brian Geisel as a source on a story about working for equity. He ended up being featured in the piece.

Press release - HomeHey app, a free, web-based service, helps property managers use desktops, tablets and mobile phones to do everything from collect rent electronically to screen potential tenants via social media. This is their press release.

Public relations - Geisel Software

After a publicity blitz where I helped make Brian Geisel a thought-leader, he was interviewed on the BBC for a story on sensors. This raised his profile in the business community in a huge way.

Pure Journalism

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