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My passion for storytelling began when I was 13. Beginning with a dream of being a journalist in high school, my first investigative article was part of a series titled "In Your Shoes" and tackled the difficult subject of teenage pregnancy and public perception. After high school, I spent four years working for my college paper, where I was the first Web Editor for the publication. During my time in that position, I built the web team that went on to win Best in Show for College Papers the Fall after I graduated.

In the years since working for my high school and college newspapers, I have bounced between creative writing, journalism and marketing.

I like to think that my experience with each of these styles has laid the technical foundation for quality storytelling while helping me to think outside the box in order to create effective content strategies and compelling brand stories that drive leads and revenue growth for organizations.


Greatest Hits

Diversis Capital & Stage 1 Ventures Partner with PureCars as Strategic Investors - PureCars

PureCars, a leader in marketing automation and business intelligence for the automotive industry, today welcomes Diversis Capital, LLC, and Stage 1 Ventures, LLC as new strategic investors. "The new ownership is great for PureCars as it allows us to accelerate our advancement in product, technology, data, and our insatiable commitment to customer service excellence," said Samuel...

5 Reasons to Get Ahead of the Game with eSports Marketing

Recently, Turner Sports, Hothouse and AMA Atlanta presented a panel discussion featuring influencers from different areas of the eSports world. Hosted at Turner's new ELEAGUE studio, the event was designed to spark a conversation among marketers about the business opportunities that are rapidly emerging for brands to break into this industry.


Large Auto Group Increases ROAS & Vehicle Sales | PureCars

Signal enables Prime Automotive Group to measure and understand the impact of digital channels on shopper engagement and sales - both at the group and dealer level. Based on insights from Signal, the group adjusted their digital strategy to increase return on ad spend (ROAS) and vehicle sales.

Key Takeaways from DrivingSales Executive Summit 2019 - PureCars

Hats off to the folks at DrivingSales for another great Executive Summit! Our team had a great time, and brought back A LOT of ideas to share with the company. Here are just a few of our biggest takeaways from DSES 2019. 1. Omni-channel digital retailing is so hot right now If there was any...

Kia Dealership Digital Marketing Case Study | PureCars

Located in a suburb of Cleveland, Kia of Bedford is the largest Kia Dealer in Ohio, and now among the 10 largest in the nation. With new leadership and a close partnership with PureCars, the dealership is having a record year in 2018.

The Future of Car Buying: Connecting the Car Buying Journey | PureCars

Nothing about car sales today is simple or straightforward. Really nothing about any sale is easy at this point. These days, even the smallest purchases are subject to a scrupulous vetting process. Whether it's in the store, at home, or on the go, mobile devices and connected cars make it easy for people to research...

CI Radar

The Ethics of Competitive Intelligence: Where Uber Crossed the Line

As a competitive intelligence company, we are all too familiar with the misconceptions about the ethics of intelligence gathering. The latest allegations surfacing in the cases of Waymo v. Uber and Jacobs v. Uber, have once again called mainstream attention to the ethical line between competitive intelligence (CI) and corporate espionage.

Interactive Content

Interactive Timeline of FIFA Scandal for Sponsorship Opportunities

The events that comprised the FIFA Corruption Scandal -- outlined in interactive elements including pop-out text boxes, videos and photo content. As part of a larger article, the purpose of this infographic was to help sponsorship sales professionals identify brands that had budgets opening for new partnerships.

Full List of Omnicom Agencies | Winmo

Comprehensive list of Omnicom agencies. Offering exclusive agency holding company data from Winmo, the interactive table gave brand and agency audiences instant information on every agency in the Omnicom Network and enabled them to quickly and easily find the information they needed. Since the information was not available at the time of publishing from any other website, this list still serves as the top answer on Google for anyone searching any combination of phrases for "omnicom agency...

Guest Blogs

Search Engine People Blog
What Can Marketers Do About Ad-Blocking?

Ad viewability is a major concern for marketers and advertisers. And between ad-blocking and flawed viewability standards (which seemingly get harder to enforce by the day) there is plenty to be concerned about. In addition to worrying about programmatic ad placements, marketers are also up against click fraud issues,

Search Engine People Blog
The 5 Most Important Voice Search Stats For Marketers

With recent advancements in artificial intelligence and natural language processing, people can't get enough of voice-enabled digital assistants like Alexa, and the voice-enabled speakers they call home. As a marketer, you know what this means, right? Ready or not, voice-enabled technology is the next big platform for marketing and advertising.

Search Engine People Blog
3 Ways You Can Use PPC To Boost SEO

Although similar in many ways, paid search and search engine optimization ( SEO) are two very different beasts when it comes to digital marketing. Despite all of the SEO conspiracy theories floating around, there is no correlation between paid search and organic algorithms. In fact, Google very intentionally keeps these two departments completely separate to avoid any potential crossover on either side.

The 7 martech buying trends shaping sales & marketing strategies in 2016

Spending on marketing technology is expected to hit $32 billion by 2018. Between mergers, acquisitions, and general spending on martech platforms, demand for tech solutions has led to unprecedented YoY growth in this market. According to Walker Sands, there were close to 1,900 martech companies across 43 different product categories at the beginning of 2015.

Search Engine People Blog
Top 3 Reasons You're Not Getting Qualified Leads from Social Media

Did you know that ? Smart social selling is a game-changer for businesses of all shapes and sizes. It is also important to note that it does require a well-defined strategy in addition to taking a significant investment of time if you are going to really make a difference for your bottom line.

Search Engine People Blog
How To Do Keyword Research For Integrated Marketing

As the marketing industry continues to pivot and shift, marketers have to adapt new strategies and tactics to gain visibility online. It is predicted that by 2020, customers will manage 85 percent of their relationships without actually talking to a person.

Search Engine People Blog
How To Build A Brand Storytelling Framework

Stories are at the heart of every brand, which is why effective storytelling is crucial for engaging target audiences. Even beyond engagement, it is the most effective way to earn your prospects' trust, and by extension, their business. Frank Rose said it best when he explained that "storytelling opens the door for individuals to connect with your brand.

List Partners Inc.

General Assembly Empowers Women in the Tech Industry

One of the many benefits of working across the street from the Ponce City Market is the convenience it offers our Hothouse team to take advantage of the many worthwhile workshops and classes at General Assembly (GA).

Station Soccer

With a mission to empower youth in underserved communities by providing access to soccer programs, Soccer in the Streets recently brought a bold vision to life in the city of Atlanta with the launch of 'Station Soccer" at the Five Points MARTA Station - the first soccer field to be built inside the perimeter of a major urban transit station in the world.

The List Inc.
Are FIFA Sponsorships in Jeopardy?

The corruption scandal that rocked FIFA's entire organization, has now not only tarnished the reputation of the World Cup, but also that of its sponsors. A global sports sponsorship once considered to be the most effective international marketing platform is rapidly becoming a PR nightmare for brands aligned with its governing body.

Cardinal Web Solutions

Cardinal Web Solutions
Top 8 Things Brands Should Have Learned in 2014 | Cardinal Web Solutions

In the past year there were plenty of marketers and brands alike that felt personally victimized by Google at one point or another. The strategic shift back to user experience with visibility has been pushing marketing in a new direction for a few years now.

Cardinal Web Solutions
Learning from Buzzfeed's Content Strategy | Cardinal Web Solutions

I will openly admit that I am a Buzzfeed addict. Now, as a child who dreamt of being a reporter at the Washington Post, I never thought that I would be so interested in a website that posts "listical" journalistic content, but hey, times change.

Cardinal Web Solutions
The Role of Digital Marketing in the Automotive Industry | Cardinal Web Solutions

The automotive industry has departed from its notorious reluctance when it comes to emerging technologies, becoming a trendsetter for innovation. And this switch has definitely been influenced by the increasingly popular role the internet now plays in car related decisions. People can now do research online to find information about vehicles, dealerships, parts suppliers ...

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Worcester’s Gibson set a 60m hurdles record en route to the individual title

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Wis.-Oshkosh’s Delzer won in his last weight throw appearance

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Pole vaulter Favre was first Ramapo female to win national title

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How teams stack up entering national championship meet

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