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Marcela Alcántara Guerra

Journalist, human rights specialist / Periodista, defensora de derechos humanos

Mexicana itinerante que escribe sobre Derechos Humanos, justicia y todo aquello que hace vibrar al espíritu

Ciudad de México/ Washington D.C.

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Kuba Shand-Baptiste


Award-winning journalist and Assistant opinion editor at The i Paper. Previously society and arts editor at The Conversation. Formerly The Independent, gal-dem, The Pool, and the FT's Money Management magazine. Editors: [email protected] for freelance commissions.

Teresa Newsome Altomare

Rockstar Social/Viral Content Creator, Writer, Glitter Enthusiast

Teresa Newsome Altomare writes because she can't be a unicorn. She's obsessed with mermaids, glitter, self-esteem, sassy feminists, lesbians, nail art, sweet dance moves, snacks, fanny packs, and Amy Poehler. Most of her best friends are other people's dogs. Currently @topix, @bustle, @thebolde

United States of America

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Perla Copernik

Multilingual Writer, Photographer and Communications Professional

I’m a photographer and a writer Throughout the years, I discovered that I have many passions, and they are all reflected in my work. Although my photographic subjects and writing themes are diverse, there is a common denominator and that is raising awareness, educate, preserve and instill respect for everything that surrounds us, whether is an animal, a plant, our history reflected in buildings, temples, cities, ways of life, people’s cultures and most importantly our planet and all the living creatures we share it with.

Stephanie Jones-Berry

Writing and editing.

Assistant Editor, Nursing Standard. Freelance contributor reporting for publications including The Washington Times, USA Today, The Guardian and many others.

Vera Maria Bergengruen

Correspondent at TIME Magazine

Investigative correspondent at TIME Magazine's Washington, D.C. bureau focused on misinformation and online extremism. Previously a national security reporter at BuzzFeed News, and a political and regional reporter at McClatchy and The Miami Herald. Past lives covering the Pentagon, the White House, the 2016 election and the Panama Papers investigation. Always have an eye on Latin America 🇺🇾.

Abby Hassler

Content Creation Manager

I am a writer, editor, and project manager with a master's degree in English with a concentration in Rhetoric, Writing, and Linguistics. Currently, I work as a Content Creation Manager for a Knoxville, Tennessee, strategic communications firm that specializes in advanced energy, technology, and economic development sectors. With seven years of experience, I have relevant skills in project management, writing/editing, qualitative research, technical document design, strategic communications, and nonprofit work. My most recent clips can be found on my clients' websites. Please reach out with any questions to: [email protected]


Andrew Kragie

Reporter, Houston Chronicle

I write for the Houston Chronicle. After a few months as a copy editor, I will soon transition to a suburban reporting role. In fall 2015, I wrote a series about refugee resettlement in Houston, America's No. 1 destination for refugees. I've covered everyday events like a hospital opening and bridge demolition, explored religious diversity, and written light pieces about a girl on a sheep at the Houston Rodeo. (If you don't know what mutton bustin' is, you should learn!) I graduated from Duke University in May 2015 with a political science major. After the Jan. 2015 cancellation of the Muslim call to prayer at Duke Chapel, I wrote a long-form investigation that dug deep to answer the questions left unanswered by national media. Check out my clips: in-depth reporting, politics & government, opinion columns, and Duke Date Lab. They cover LBJ and civil rights, Brazilian politics, U.S. national security, and more. I was also Duke's student speaker at Commencement 2015, and I co-directed a five-minute documentary video about a Latino grocer in Durham, NC.

United States of America

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Robert Kidd

Freelance journalist in Valencia, Spain.

I’m an award-winning, multi-platform freelance journalist with a talent for uncovering and telling compelling stories. I've reported news and feature articles for various international media including in Australia, the US and the UK on everything from travel and sport to beer, business and science. I've written for media including Forbes, The Guardian, BBC Sport, Lonely Planet, The Telegraph, ABC News, The Australian, Beer Advocate, SBS, The Saturday Paper, QWeekend magazine, New Scientist and Off The Pitch. I am based in Valencia, Spain, and available for commissions in Europe. Contact me at: [email protected]

Paige Welsh

Writer | Graduate Student at Chapman University

After studying the ocean and literature at UC Santa Cruz, I realized that I wanted to examine the world through writing. I'm currently studying fiction writing at Chapman University where I hope to integrate topics in environmentalism, ancient literature, and family dynamics into my projects. My professional content writing experience centers on technical material in science and engineering.