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Assistant Editor, Nursing Standard. Freelance contributor reporting for publications including The Washington Times, USA Today, The Guardian and many others.

Broadmoor revealed: working with dangerous minds

In a pretty English village in the leafy, affluent Royal County of Berkshire live some of the most complex and high-risk mental health patients in the country. Their home, Broadmoor Hospital - a name with mythical associations - is one of only three high-security psychiatric hospitals in England, and the oldest and best known.

The Right Mix | British Medical Association

The first medical student Philip Smith met on his arrival at university came from Eton. With annual fees of more than £33,000 a year, and a list of alumni that includes 19 British prime ministers, the Berkshire public school is practically a byword for wealth and entitlement. British Medical Association 2015

The Washington Times
British policies blamed for French port city's immigration crisis

LONDON - Tensions are growing between British and French officials as unprecedented numbers of immigrants hoping to reach Britain amass across the English Channel in the French port city of Calais, focusing attention on the United Kingdom's immigration policy ahead of national elections in 2015.

Judge rules 'negligent' Pistorius not guilty of murder

JOHANNESBURG - A judge ruled on Thursday that South African athlete Oscar Pistorius was not guilty of premeditated murder in the shooting death of his girlfriend. But the judge found him "negligent," raising the prospect of a manslaughter conviction.

Monty Python comedy troupe reunites for final shows

LONDON - Three decades after British comedy legends Monty Python dropped out of the limelight, fans are getting a chance to bid a final farewell to the inimitable group, the actors announced Monday.

The Broads' Sheet
Julie Burchill on being hated, a career in journalism and performing monkeys.

JULIE BURCHILL has an almost preternatural ability to wind people up. Energetically opining on anything - sodomy, burkhas, starlets, chavs, cyclists, Israel, Sandi Toksvig - the soi-disant Miss Rentagob has invoked hatred and disapproval with admirable consistency over her 35-year career in journalism. She is the fluffer of the newspaper-reading public.

Immigration backlash is on the rise in Europe

BERLIN - Parties backing crackdowns on immigration are ascending to new heights in Britain, France, Austria and elsewhere in Europe by tapping into worries that the open-borders policies of the European Union are diminishing local culture and costing jobs.

The Washington Times
William and Kate's tiny prince, George, is good for business

LONDON - From commemorative cups to special coins worth more than $80,000, the newest member of Britain's royal family is a boon to business - and he is only 3 months old. As Prince George is readied for his christening Wednesday, shopkeepers and online merchants are filling orders at a record pace.

Britain's Cameron pledges EU membership vote

British Prime Minister David Cameron vows to put EU membership to a vote if his party is re-elected. LONDON - British Prime Minister David Cameron announced Wednesday he will give voters in the United Kingdom the choice over whether to opt out of the European Union if his party wins elections in two years, causing outrage around Europe over the possibility that he will let his country exit the EU.

The Washington Times
It's a boy for Prince William, wife Catherine

LONDON - It's a boy! Cheers and shouting echoed through the square at Buckingham Palace and in the streets around London's St Mary's Hospital, as crowds who had been waiting throughout the day welcomed the new addition to the royal family and the nation's future monarch.

the Guardian
This week's new events

The sixth annual Chap Olympiad offers an antidote to the World Cup with an altogether more elegant approach to a sporting event. Described as a "celebration of athletic ineptitude", the emphasis here is more on exacting trouser creases and doffed caps than working up a sweat.

Thatcher's impact was felt worldwide

"Iron Lady" Margaret Thatcher was credited with solidifying what the British refer to as the "special relationship" between the U.K. and U.S., and forging a tough answer on dealing with terrorism. LONDON - Watch out for the handbag.

the Guardian
Rising star

· Moran set up dance charity Falling Wide at 24 with co-artistic director Gaby Agis. Now 30, he is choreographer, producer, trainer, and artist within the organisation, which takes dance to unusual venues and encourages more people to participate. · People affected by life-threatening illness can also enjoy creative movement workshops as part of the Breathing Space initiative.