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Leda Antunes


Jovem jornalista, versátil e competente. Acumulo seis anos de experiência em diversas área do jornalismo, incluindo a cobertura factual em jornal impresso diário e portais de notícias, cobertura de mercados financeiros em tempo real, grandes reportagens e produção e pauta de telejornalismo e documentário. Atualmente me divido entre a a produção de reportagens de economia, gênero e diversidade. Freelancer com colaborações para UOL, O Globo, HuffPost Brasil, Folha de S.Paulo e Veja.com. Contato: [email protected]

Hedd Thomas

Freelance Writer and Composer

[email protected] I'm a writer and composer based in Wales with experience as a critic and broadcaster on classical and world music. My compositions have been performed by a number of professional and amateur ensembles. Earlier musical endeavours include opera singing, leading a salsa band and conducting a university orchestra and choir. Music Editor, Seren Newspaper: 2014-15 Web Editor, Presenter and Producer, United World Radio: 2009-13 MMus in Composition, Bangor University: 2015 BMus in Music, Newcastle University: 2013 In my free time I enjoy photography and travelling.

United Kingdom

Rocío Aguilera


I'm an unorthodox journalist with 15 years of experience in online and print media. My scope of work has involved writing and editing soft and hard news for different publications. More recently, I've migrated my writing for social media. Former Co Editor at Reporte Indigo, Editor in Chief at MUNIcipium Magazine, Writer and Video Editor at EL PAÍS.

Laura Piper


Journalist based in Scotland, currently employed by STV.

United Kingdom

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Hélia Martinho

Freelance Journalist

https://about.me/hmartinho || https://hmartinhoblog.wordpress.com/ After ten years I can call myself a journalist, or at least I can introduce myself as that. I worked in a lot of different places and met amazing people along the way. Investigative journalism is the type of journalism which interests me the most. I would love to go back in time and share the Watergate experience with Bob and Carl. And apart from all that people say, investigative journalism is not dead, but maybe people who say that are ... inside. I love nature, comics, museums, travel, reading out loud, making voices when I read to children; sometimes I sing... alone. Love to ride a bike and walk and I really, really love to travel by train.

Lesa M. Spivey

Public Affairs & Communications Strategist

Lesa Spivey is a highly organized, forward thinking and creative public affairs and communications professional with more than 25 years of experience working with diverse organizations. She has the skills and expertise to develop and implement strategic solutions throughout all stages; concept formulation, research and development, senior strategic counsel, execution, and evaluation. Below are a few samples of her work for your consideration.

United States of America

Pablo Sanguinetti

Tecnología y Humanidades

Periodista, autor, investigador. Ex Google News Lab para España y Portugal. Antes corresponsal de la Agencia de Prensa Alemana (DPA) en Berlín y en Madrid. Experto en Programación para Humanidades Digitales orientado a la Inteligencia Artificial. Esta página contiene una selección de artículos publicados en medios de España, Argentina, México, Perú, Chile, Venezuela y Alemania sobre política, música, literatura y tecnología.

Angelyn Francis


Toronto-based multimedia journalist interested in race, gender, art and people.

Grant Gross

Expert tech policy reporter; freelance writer and editor

I'm a veteran journalist with more than 15 years of experience writing about the intersection of technology and public policy. My stories have appeared at PCWorld.com, Computerworld.com, NYTimes.com, WashingtonPost.com, ABCNews.go.com, and in CIO magazine. I've worked as a tech-focused freelance writer and editor since mid-2017. I've written stories for cybersecurity and privacy news site The-Parallax.com, for HPE's Enterprise.nxt tech trends website, for IBM's SecurityIntelligence.com, for the Washington Examiner, and for ServiceNow's new Workflow magazine. As a freelancer, I've written extensively about artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and tech policy. I've also written white papers, op-ed pieces, marketing materials, and blog posts for several other organizations, including the Internet Society. Previously, I worked as senior editor at IDG News Service, the internal wire service at IDG, publishers of PCWorld, MacWorld, Computerworld, and many other prominent tech news websites. I served as the Washington, D.C., correspondent there for nearly 13 years. I've covered net neutrality fights in the U.S. Congress and the Federal Communications Commission, revelations of mass surveillance programs at the National Security Agency, and huge online protests over a controversial online copyright enforcement bill. As a tech policy expert, I've appeared on C-SPAN and the giant NTN24 Spanish-language cable news network. From someone who has edited hundreds of my stories: Grant is "an exceptional reporter, an especially strong writer, both on impossible deadlines and with analysis and other long-form stories, and a talented editor. His long-time direct supervisor refers to him as 'unflappable,' and I can think of no better way to describe his demeanor. We should all aspire to be so cool. Harried editors take note: Grant is a dream to edit, the sort of reporter you will wish again and again that you could clone." From another editor: "Grant is one of the top journalists I’ve worked with in my career. He’s a total pro and can do it all: reporting, writing, and editing. As a reporter and writer, he is fast, accurate and has a knack for quickly digging up sources on just about any topic. Over the years, as the IDG News Service’s Washington correspondent, he developed a deep understanding of the technology policy issues that have risen to the top of the national consciousness. He is unflappable, thoughtful and conscientious ... It’s been a godsend to work with a journalist like Grant, who seems to have had the uncanny ability to anticipate the needs of the news team on a daily basis." My other interests include music and guitars, baseball and the Baltimore Orioles, tinkering and building, video gaming and getting beat by my kid while video gaming. Contact me: [email protected]

Caroline Duncan

Journalist and photographer

Chief storyteller at Whats's the Story - a copywriting, public relations and social media consultancy. Photographer. Freelance writer. Bringer of life to stories.