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I'm a writer and videographer with a keen eye for discovering unique methods in structuring the foundation of a story. In my career, I have covered sports, entertainment, and various events throughout Texas. Each word I write is a new experience, and I hope to continue evolving and progressing with every published article.

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Kyle Spishock Demo Reel 2017

Credits: Editing, interviews, video and writing by Kyle Spishock George Gervin, Jonathan Simmons and Pax South footage by Stephen Castro Opening/closing graphic animation by Marco Rabadan Tony Romo segment voice over narration by Kody Spishock Cosplay actress performed by Erica Elliott Select works from my demo reel 2016-17 publications include SB Nation, Pounding the Rock, FanSided, TexasHSFootball, USA Today and La Prensa SA.

Lord Of The Rings: Every Supernatural Being Ranked From Weakest To Strongest

The names of characters in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings have been permanently etched into our pop culture conscience. However, the true powers lurked deeper within J.R.R. Tolkien's texts -- these include the names of gods, monsters, elves, and other supernatural entities that are briefly touched upon within the lore of the Rings.

Pounding The Rock
Time runs out for Kobe in rivalry with Spurs

Bryant and Duncan duke it out for one final time, the Spurs outlasting the Lakers despite vintage performance from Kobe. While teaching me how to work an oven, Mom always said, "you can add time, but you can never take time away." This quote has resonated with me while watching Kobe Bryant over his last couple injury-ridden seasons.

Screen Rant
15 '90s Fan Art That Changes Everything

For most millennials, the '90s were a vital time when imagination was formed, benefitting from the glut of cartoons from that decade. Animated creations from the time left an indelible impact on us - characters immediately created moments of nostalgia and personal development. Most of us look back fondly at the animation boom of the '90s.

USA Today High School Sports
Bremond (Texas) finishes three-peat, runs winning streak to 47 games

ARLINGTON, Texas - In the only undefeated matchup of the Texas UIL State Championship week, the Bremond beat Iraan 49-20, in the 2A Division II title game. It was Bremond's eighth state championship under coach Jeff Kasowski - ninth overall - and third in a row.

Pounding The Rock
When Spurs-con is in town, basketball nerds rejoice

Orlando Magic lost within the overwhelming atmosphere of Spurs sanctuary Adrift in a canal of 'nerdom', I'm surrounded by a slip of booths, each exhibitor peddling the latest products and technologies to initiated gamers. I'm exploring Pax South San Antonio over the weekend, lost beneath alphas and betas; unable to distinguish coding from dev kits.

La Prensa de San Antonio
A rough ride for Spurs on Rodeo Road Trip

Within a church, the high vaulted ceilings tower ominously above me as I enter the confessional. I offer my numerous 'bless me fathers'.

La Prensa de San Antonio
AT&T Center scheduled for major face lift

A wide, decorated banner stretched across the aging concrete- a festive distraction diverting the nationally broadcasted audience's attention away from the worn structure.

La Prensa de San Antonio/The Paisano
Local band finds commercial success

The eerie warble of a synthesizer reverberated through the interior of a secluded, self-storage facility.

Bruins maul Wildcats in Alamo Bowl win

UCLA Running back Paul Perkins scrambled against the Wildcats oppressive defense, searching for any opportunities. Securing the ball, he analyzed the field, anticipating possible miscues by the opposing linemen. Time was winding down in the fourth quarter, and championship aspirations clung to the outcome of the drive.

'Chappie' finds beating heart in artificial intelligence

San Antonio.- 'Chappie' is a feature length Die Antwoord music video, and that's not a bad thing. The South African rap-rave group star as alternate reality version of themselves in director Neill Blomkamp's third feature, and influence nearly every aspect of the film's production.