Morgan Hollett

Broadcast Journalist

United Kingdom

British Journalist living in Berlin, Germany. Intern at Deutsche Welle.

Studied MA Broadcast Journalism (BJTC accredited) at UCLan, graduating with a Distinction in 2016.

Graduated from the University of Manchester with a 2:1 in BA (Hons) German and Russian in 2015.

Interested in Central and Eastern European affairs.

Speaks English, German, Russian, Polish and Spanish.




CAST is a research project that is currently running in Armenia. We are introducing a local WiFi/intranet-style network to three remote villages. The project is looking into whether information can be provided in remote locations with little to no connectivity, or where connectivity is expensive or unreliable, as well as places where media may be controlled.

Reclaim the Night 2016

On the 25th of February, thousands of women took to the streets of Manchester to speak out against sexual violence, street harassment and victim blaming.

Warwick Bridge Organ Restoration

A two hundred year old organ, thought to be the last of its type, is due to be restored. Our Lady and St Wilfred's Church in Warwick Bridge, Cumbria, has been granted Heritage Lottery funding to cover restoration costs. --- Scripted and edited by Morgan Hollett. Filmed by Steve Little, ITV Border News.


How is the Lancashire travel industry affected by the Ankara bomb?

Lancashire travel agents are receiving less bookings for holidays in Turkey after recent attacks on Ankara and Istanbul. The latest of these attacks occurred last night, when a bomb exploded in the Turkish capital, killing twenty eight people. Here's the latest from Turkey and how Lancashire travel agents are affected.


CAST Project, Media Innovation Studio
Q&A with MIS, WiCastr and Impact Hub Yerevan

It's less than two months until the CAST pilot goes live. It's a project that has been 18 months in the making and it's not long until teams from the Media Innovation Studio and WiCastr will be touching down in Armenia to set the CAST network up.

CAST Project, Media Innovation Studio
Village Profile: Kamaris

CAST will be piloted in three villages in Armenia - Kamaris, Lchashen and Lernapat. This post is the first in a series of three that will look at life in the village and the impact CAST could have for those living there. WHERE? Kamaris lies in Kotayk region of Armenia, approximately thirty minutes from Yerevan by car.

CAST Project, Media Innovation Studio
Village Profile: Lchashen

Lchashen is one of three Armenian villages in which CAST is being piloted. The other villages are Kamaris and Lernapat. WHERE? Lchashen can be found in the Gegharkunik region of Armenia. Gegharkunik lies in eastern Armenia and is the country's largest province.

CAST Project, Media Innovation Studio
Village Profile: Lernapat

Lernapat is the third village we will be piloting CAST in. Our other pilot villages are Kamaris and Lchashen. WHERE? Lernapat is the furthest north of all the villages we will visit and is located in the Lori province.

Eco Preston
Top 5 Tips on Living Sustainably

The trend for sustainable living is getting increasingly popular in the UK. In this article, we'll tell you how you can make your life more eco-friendly and how Preston has more to offer than first meets the eye. 1. Grow your own Utilise that green space at the back of your house.

Goede Morgan!
Warsaw and The East-West Divide

"Could the lady in the bathroom please extinguish her cigarette. Smoking is STRICTLY PROHIBITED within the building," a voice blares from the old-fashioned tin-box in the corner of the room. The voice is high pitched, irate and barely audible over the crackling of the speaker. Despite the modern, glass-based build of the Neofilologia building,...

Goede Morgan!
A Foodie's Guide to Warsaw, Poland

It's been three weeks since I arrived back in jolly old England after a month gallivanting around Warsaw, and I'm already missing life on the continent. Despite being a pasty, white English girl, I'm missing Warsaw's warm, sunny days. Right-hand road cycling and beach-side barbecues are also a thing of the past as I settle...

Goede Morgan!
Why you're not so different from the immigrants you hate

One of the things I've noticed about the run-up to the 2015 General Election is the amount of anti-immigration rhetoric floating about amongst both politicians and the general public. Whether it's immigrants stealing British jobs, leeching British benefits, nabbing spots in British schools, immigrants have become the scapegoat for just about any social problem that...

Year Abroad Diary: Marillen & Malako
The Crazy Cat Ladies of Russia

I'd like to dedicate my final Russia post to Misha (1996-2012), the four legged ex-feline companion (or maybe he was simply pining, who knows?) of the hardened Soviet babushka I encountered in a Russian photography shop on my third day in Petersburg.

Year Abroad Diary: Marillen & Malako
The Holy Grail of Soviet Nostalgia

Yesterday I got as close to experiencing life in a communist dictatorship as you can get, without venturing off to North Korea; a rather diluted, barely perceptible encounter, but enough to temporarily satisfy my cravings for communism.