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Mariana Limón

Estudiante de periodismo / Journalism student

Escribo acerca de arte, moda, política y eventos actuales / I write about art, fashion, politics and current affairs. Mail: [email protected]

Sanjay Shukla

Journalist, Blogger and Writer

I am a journalist cum writer and blogger worked for leading newspapers and news channels in India for many years.

Christa McIntyre


I'm Christa McIntyre and I write about arts, music and culture. I'm a Portland theater critic, chef of sandwiches and occasional backseat canoe paddler.

United States of America

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Tyler A. Saldaña

Writer & Aspiring Journalist

Tyler is a husband to Erin, an avid reader & writer, seasoned communicator & teacher, dog advocate, comic book enthusiast, coffee consumer, pop culture junkie, city dweller & experimental chef.

Ben Hyde

Senior Copywriter and Social Media Specialist

2013- Present. Senior Copywriter with experience producing engaging articles for a variety of sectors. Based in Manchester, United Kingdom.

United Kingdom

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Deputy Editor, The Australia Times

“What’s behind Pluto?” I asked, staring at my sleepy mother just after two in the morning. I was six years old and she had just taught me all about the planets of our solar system earlier that day. While I always enjoyed her tutor time, this particular lesson immediately perked an insatiable interest in me. It caused the startling realization that there was so much more beyond what I already knew, what I could already see or feel. The realization was thrilling, yet unsettling; in one day, my world grew exponentially and along with it, so also grew countless questions. As I was trying to sleep that night, one issue could not be silenced. If there is more to our universe than the Earth, the Sun and the Moon, then shouldn't there be more beyond the other planets and Pluto? While at six years old, I didn’t quite grasp the idea of a truly infinite universe, I knew that it couldn’t just end after Pluto. So, at just after two in the morning, the mystery had become too overpowering and I had to wake up my mother to ask. I never lost my inquisitive nature. Throughout my life, I have found an intense satisfaction through the search for knowledge. I have been the person who sought out to know more, know first, know why and know how. This need of mine to find all the pieces of a puzzle and leave no story uncovered still motivates me in virtually all aspects of my life today. Particularly, I am fascinated with people. After all, with our different backgrounds, beliefs, histories and futures interconnecting in one way or another, I would argue, we are the biggest puzzle of all.

Sydney, NSW, Australia

Sharelle Burt

Freelance Writer/Content Manager

My name is Sharelle B. A Freelance Writer/Content Manager. Writer. HBCU Graduate. Social Media Enthusiast. Podcast Host. Hashtag Creator. Entertainment Lover. Social Injustice Junkie.

United States of America

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Christopher Peel

Freelance Writer & Journalist

I am a journalist studying Politics and Urban & Environmental Policy at Occidental College in Los Angeles, CA.

United States of America

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Nana Karlsson

New Media Writer

I produce branded copy in a distinct voice that supports a variety of US and Global business units. I enjoy working with the team and departmental peers to ensure the creation of high-quality concepts that meet client objectives. I create concepts that are extendable into campaigns and are also effective in print and online. These concepts are presented in a way that show my thorough understanding of the strategy, while developing and maintaining an in-depth understanding of my clients’ brand identity and implementing it into all creative jobs. I have a strong creative and conceptual vision, with the ability to approach every assignment with a fresh perspective. I thrive on the interactive experience and interest, with an excellent understanding of social media. I intermix my skills set with professionalism, a victorious mind, and a sense of humor.

United States of America

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Alice Harrold


Alice Harrold is a graduate of the Journalism Master of Arts degree programme at Goldsmiths College, University of London. She has worked as a reporter for Community Practitioner, The Independent Online and has also been published by The Sunday Times and The Independent on Sunday.

United Kingdom

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