Nana Karlsson-Ofori

Senior Writer, Editorial

United States

I produce branded copy in a distinct voice that supports a variety of US and Global business units. I enjoy working with the team and departmental peers to ensure the creation of high-quality concepts that meet client objectives. I create concepts that are extendable into campaigns and are also effective in print and online. These concepts are presented in a way that show my thorough understanding of the strategy, while developing and maintaining an in-depth understanding of my clients’ brand identity and implementing it into all creative jobs.

I have a strong creative and conceptual vision, with the ability to approach every assignment with a fresh perspective. I thrive on the interactive experience and interest, with an excellent understanding of social media.

I intermix my skills set with professionalism, a victorious mind, and a sense of humor.

Agape Love: The Ballad of Paperboy Prince

The ancient Greeks had four definitions of love. Agape love is the most admirable because it defines love as an action. Spreading love is the foundation of the democratic nominee for the NY-7 congressional seat, Paperboy Prince. His message has reached far and wide as hundreds continue to gather at his various rallies and events.

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HBO's "The Deuce" Captures Vintage NYC

This article originally appeared on in September 2015 "Those were really wild times. I remember the movies theaters played some of the best films but you had to sit Indian style in the seats because of the critters running rampant on the floor."

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The Most Beautiful Prince Tribute to Date

A tribute to an icon is no easy feat for any artist. The goal of a tribute is to show admiration and gratitude for life and legacy in addition to creating a moment that touches the hearts of the audience.

Brides March Against Domestic Violence

Brides March Against Domestic Violence By Nana Karlsson-Ofori On Saturday, September 26 a group of activists marched through Manhattan, NY to bring awareness to domestic violence. The 15th annual...

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The Most Powerful Entity in the Sanders Campaign Are the People

This article originally appeared on in April 2016. The countless numbers of volunteers who spend hours phone banking, canvassing, hosting events, and numerous other activities have built and continue to sustain the political revolution that is at the core of the Sanders campaign.

Who Do You REALLY Need to Buy Birthday Gifts For?

The LearnVest team has celebrated a lot of birthdays recently, so we'll be the first to admit that the cost of gifts really adds up. A lot of us are aching to know: Which friends do you actually have to buy gifts for? When is a simple celebratory drink okay?

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Top 10 Christina Aguilera Songs

Even though Christina Aguilera songs are a representation of the '00s pop, they also feature a versatile range of dance, R&B, rock and most importantly, her powerful pipes.

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10 Best Wedding Entrance Songs

Here we've comprised a list of the most popular wedding entrance songs that will get the crowd clapping and ready to begin the hours of blissful celebration.

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Top 10 Wedding Love Songs

Power ballads, contemporary R&B classics, folk staples and even film­highlighted singles flood this wedding love songs list that covers some of the most timeless, romance­ induced love songs from the past 50 years

Celebrities Keep Forgetting Song Lyrics

A "brain freeze" can happen to anyone and even celebrities are prone to it ­ accidentally dropping the ball in the middle of their most popular song with millions of viewers watching and critiquing.