Allyson Miller

Marketing Copywriter

United States of America

Allyson is a writer, graphic designer, and email marketing queen, known for her occasional puns and sense of humor.


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Men-Yasa: Five Reasons Why Men Should Do Yoga - Blogs

Do You Even Pose, Bro? Guys, what's the first thing you think about when you hear the word yoga? Yoga pants, am I right? Although the highly praised leggings have dominated the market, and the fact that every yoga class seems to be packed with flexible females, this practice is not just for women-it can ...

Fighting Depression from the Inside, Out - Blogs

"I'm Just a Little Black Rain Cloud" Have you had a chance yet to see the Pixar movie Inside Out? It's a must see for every child, teenager, twenty-something, middle-aged and older. Why, you ask? Well, it perfectly illustrates how humans deal with feelings on a daily basis and how to overcome periods of extreme ...

Coping With a Sunburn - Blogs

Is Something Cooking? That would be your skin! In less than 15 minutes, your body reacts, burns and bakes due to exposure to ultraviolet rays. Depending on the person and the skin type, a sunburn can vary from mild to severe with a variety of symptoms. From just a small red patch on your skin ...

Go a Round with 9 Rounds - Blogs

Fly Like a Butterfly I wanted to write this blog while my legs were still sore from my first 9 Rounds workout, and my girl power energy was still flowing! Yesterday, I went to my first kickboxing session with the famous 30-minute workout franchise known as 9 Rounds.

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