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I finally saw myself in a syllabus

In my first year at Ryerson, one of my mandatory classes was ENG 108: Introduction to Fiction. As an introductory class, I wasn't expecting anything too exciting; the standard short story, poem, novel, Shakespeare play layout that I was used to from high school.

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#BeenRapedNeverReported: A Year Later, Has Anything Changed?

Trigger warning: This article contains information about sexual violence which may be triggering to survivors. When journalists Antonia Zerbisias and Sue Montgomery decided to start the Twitter hashtag #BeenRapedNeverReported last year, it came at the perfect moment, if such a thing is possible for a topic as serious as rape.

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Canadian Students Reveal What It Means To Be #BlackOnCampus

"T-Dot to Mizzou, we stand by you!" Students at Ontario universities held a day of action Wednesday as a show of support for black students in the U.S. who have been protesting racial tensions on campus, and the lack of response from their administrations.

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14 Notable Moments In The Years Since The Montreal Massacre

Twenty-six years ago, the Montreal Massacre marked not only the worst case of mass gun violence Canada has seen to date, but also one of the most severe cases of violence against women. On Dec. 6, 1989, a gunman entered the École Polytechnique.
PhD graduate delivers Ryerson's first ASL thesis defence

Donning a set of navy velvet robes and a mortarboard on her head, Ellen Hibbard placed an index finger to each corner of her mouth and then whipped them away, exclaiming "PA!" This means "I did it!" in American Sign Language (ASL). Last Thursday, Hibbard, who is deaf, graduated with a PhD in communication and culture from Ryerson.

The indigenous vote: has it changed the campaign?

By Angelyn Francis Improper housing, access to education, youth suicide rate, incarceration rates, unsafe water and missing and murdered women. For indigenous voters in Canada, these are the main issues this election.

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Ethiopian Airlines Makes History With All-Women Operated Flight

Posted: It's about time women took the wheel. On Thursday, Ethiopian Airlines sent an all-women flight crew on its trips between capital city Addis Ababa and Bangkok, Thailand. A first for the airline, women filled every role on the plane, from the pilots and cabin crew to ramp operations and flight dispatchers on the ground, the company said in a press release.

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How We Can Support Veterans 365 Days A Year

When Scott Maxwell thinks about the impact everyday Canadians can have on veterans, he remembers a conversation with a member of Wounded Warriors, an organization that supports injured soldiers and veterans. Every year, Wounded Warriors hosts a fundraiser that brings its participants overseas to bike across historic battle sites.
Ryerson student sets out across Canada to share 'True North Tales'

If she were asked to write the classic "What did you do over the summer?" essay, Michelle-Andrea Girouard would probably start here. For about two months she set off on a trip. She convinced a friend to keep her company. They dined mostly on V8 juice, Cliff bars and canned fruit.

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Safe Access To Toilets For Pooping Is No Joke

That poop emoji app isn't just for sh**s and giggles. To raise awareness for World Toilet Day, WaterAid created a free app that allows you to take the traditional smiling poop emoji, and customize your own. Once you've had your fun, you're given the option to donate to the cause, and of course, share your creation.

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Here's What Canada's Science Community Wants From The Minister Of Science

Prime Minister Trudeau has reinstated the Minister of Science position, filled by MP Kirsty Duncan, and scientists are over the moon. Scientists and science enthusiasts worldwide have applauded the decision to reinfuse the sector with some long-withheld attention from the federal government and shared their hopes for what changes are to come - as well as some advice.

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Science Just Proved You're A Passive Aggressive Texter. Period.

All grammar rules you've heard regarding periods just got thrown out the window, at least when it comes to texting. There's a reason why messaging "lol." just doesn't seem like as gut-busting a laugh as "lol" sans period. And then there's: "Coming." Period. "Oh." Period. Or the dreaded, "K." Period.
Panelists reflect on Truth and Reconciliation Commission report

For Danielle Sinclair, the most important part of the recently-released Truth and Reconciliation report were the individual stories told. "There was research that was done, data that was collected and reports that were written, but, for me, it's the stories," Sinclair said.

Four strings, endless options

It's Friday night at Lula Lounge, a Toronto Latin live music club, and tonight the marquee reads "Salsa-Jazz." Dancers are piled in ready to dance, and Café Cubano, a local salsa band, does not disappoint. Their roster has some regular players, but Café Cubano regularly features other Cuban musicians.

Poetry speaks with Britta B.

By Angelyn Francis Photo via Britta B. It's the intermission of this Monday's R.I.S.E. Poetry show. It's the break between singers and poets. The audience is let loose to mingle and catch up with friends to the beat of 90s hip-hop playing in the background. Instead of singing and whistling along, like she did in...