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Nicoletta Richardson

Editor / Reporter / Writer / Traveler

A passionate writer with a strong editorial background in both digital and print, covering a wide variety of topics that range from travel destinations to food trends and fitness inspiration. I currently work as Senior Associate Editor of News & Culture at Apartment Therapy, and I've had experience at companies such as Rodale Inc., LittleThings, Afar Media, XO Group Inc., Time Inc., Hearst and National Geographic, along with various independent authors and small publications. I also am a contributing writer for travel site kimkim that helps plan and book trips through local experts. Additionally, I do volunteer work for a nonprofit called African Sky, which aims to bridge communities and create social change for the people in Mali, Africa. Enjoy reading through my clips and feel free to reach out!


Theresa Smith

Marketing Strategist/Owner - Smith Creative Solutions

I have been freelance writing for several years from my home, located just outside of Birmingham, AL. I have an Associate degree in paralegal studies, a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration, Bachelor of Science degree in psychology, a Master of Arts in English, a Master of Science in clinical/counseling psychology and I am currently pursuing a Psy.D. in behavioral sciences with a concentration in forensic psychology. I have over 20 years’ experience as a copywriter and editor. I have eight years’ experience as a criminal law paralegal, as well as several years’ experience as a family counselor working with relationship issues, drug and alcohol abuse and at-risk youth. My professional credentials include CASAC, CRC, LMFT, and LPC. I have ghostwritten several eBooks. I have experience writing printed material as well as web content and have a strong understanding of SEO. I specialize in content regarding mental health, psychology, dating, relationships, addiction treatment as well as dog training and behavior. I am comfortable writing and researching almost anything.


Diana Hathaway

Interior Designer | Lifestyle Writer | Brand Evangelist

Sharing what is beautiful and transformational in our surroundings is my life's work. As a contributor to numerous publications and sites on the subject of color, interior design, and Feng Shui and as Color Expert for The Spruce, I created hundreds of articles reaching over 1 million readers. Creating dream spaces for amazing clients on the West Coast and beyond, is my passion. I was born to do this.

Caitlin Flynn

Freelance Lifestyle & Travel Writer

Caitlin Flynn is an award-winning writer and reporter who experienced early age corporate burnout in 2015 and traded New York City for the misty air and superior coffee of Seattle. Her reporting and essays have been featured in publications including The Seattle Times, HuffPost, Glamour, Allure, Teen Vogue, DAME Magazine, Refinery29, Crixeo, HelloGiggles, POPSUGAR, SheKnows, InStyle.com, Eater Seattle, and Bustle. Caitlin's work covers a variety of topics, including travel, politics, health, women's issues, and pop culture. Caitlin earned a B.A. in English Literature and Film Studies from Smith College and she has taken opportunities to live, study, and work abroad in London and Portugal. A professionally trained ballet dancer, she writes reviews of local and national performing arts companies. Caitlin is currently working on her first novel, "I Hated Every Minute."


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Jani Leuschel

Freelance health and nutrition writer

After spending years as a personal trainer/fitness instructor, I wanted more knowledge about food and human health so that I could return to writing, which I had pursued briefly as a copy editor and freelancer with a major daily newspaper. So, I went back to college to get a BS in nutrition that would form a synergistic combo with my MS in kinesiology. I work to create content firmly grounded in science and tell true stories that inspire and generate interest. Topics include health, fitness, and nutrition -- often, with a culinary or public health spin. Last spring, I also discovered the anguish and joy of writing about politics. Thanks for reading! :)


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Suzanne Lorge


Suzanne's areas of specialization as a freelance writer are music, culture, and business. Her work has been published by The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, NPR, Huffington Post, Washington Times, Institutional Investor magazine, and various trades. In addition to staff positions at two magazines (Institutional Investor and Insight at The Washington Times), Suzanne has held editorial or writing positions at several prominent financial institutions, among them The Federal Reserve Bank of New York and Morgan Stanley. Suzanne contributes regular features and reviews to Downbeat magazine, and she has written the monthly VoxNews column for The New York City Jazz Record for 12 years. Other recent clients include the Los Angeles Philharmonic, United Nations Population Fund, and Institutional Investor Traders Forum.

John Kuhlman

Freelance Writer

I help adventure brands grow sales from their existing email list by using authentic storytelling and increasing the frequency of their product and relationship emails. Over the years, my words have also been used to sell fitness programs, fried chicken, nuclear waste, college initiatives, and politicians' dreams. While most of my storytelling these days is crafted for emails, blog posts, VSLs, and web content, I have a long history of writing for TV, radio, and print. FUN FACT: I'm a professional musician (electric and double bassist) who plays a variety of musical theater, chamber, and funk gigs..making tens of dollars. FUN FACT 2: I'm a professional dog nut. My family and I have three dogs who are my constant studio companions. They are loyal, keep the floor spotless, and are great at staying quiet until I'm on the phone. If you're interested in learning more about how I can help your business, or why my dogs are so adorable, I'd love to connect.


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Deborah Duncan

Freelance Writer and Editor

I'm Deborah Duncan, and I'm a writer and editor. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication. I'm a contributing writer for the website, Accept This Rose and Hulu Watcher. I'm a writer for Phoenix Heart Writing Company and Valtim Marketing Solution. I have edited gaming articles for the website Player Auctions. Please contact me at [email protected] if you would like me to help with your writing or editing needs.

Shannon Nomann

Copywriter, UX Writer, Editor. I'm a highly creative word-wrangler who excels at crafting messaging that's sharp, focused, and designed to perform.

Based in Santa Rosa, CA. Bachelor of Arts in English, emphasis in Creative Writing. University of California, Davis. I'm a writer and editor specializing in work that's ultra-compelling, original, and full of flavor. I'm skilled at crafting copy to exemplify a cohesive brand voice and tone, and I have experience in campaign and brand strategy. I also have over three years of experience in writing optimal messaging in the digital realm via blog posts, pop culture and lifestyle news coverage, and original content generation. I'm the author of thirteen published books, all in the Young Adult fiction genre. I love romance novels (as well as fiction, sci-fi, fantasy, and any other genre), iced coffee, and re-watching Gilmore Girls episodes I've seen a thousand times. (For Sonic collateral only: Design by Erin Opperman and Conor Boyle, Copy by Shannon Sigler.)


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Dom Jones

Copywriter. Storyteller. Griot.

With over 10 years of professional writing experience, and having been published on Huffington Post, Blavity, Ebony.com, Black Girl Nerds, and other publications, I bring a fresh and honest voice to my writing. Putting a critical lens on topics ranging from music to politics, and finding the intersections between what's happening at a macro level and what people see in their daily interactions is my specialty. A 2014 Runner Up in the SF Book Festival, a 2014 International Songwriting Competition Winner, a 2015 NYC Web Festival Official Selection, and a 2019 Canales Project Composer, my work has been recognized in the written, musical, and visual realms. I crave proper punctuation, spelling, grammar and engaging prose - while also recognizing how deep and meaningful communication becomes when the different patois of communities is acknowledged as proper as well.