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Writer covering fashion, culture and entertainment. Currently diving into what makes costume design tick.
I studied Journalism at St. John's University.
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Dirt: Explaining the jokes

Jasmine Harris on revisiting Gilmore Girls via TikTok. Alexis Gunderson on a Netflix marketing fail. The Reference Library My TikTok experience got a little unhinged once I found Scott Westwood 's "Explaining Gilmore Girls Jokes..." series. Unhinged like Paris equating her dating fears to the tragic fate of Sunny von Bülow, and Lorelai naming her dream sequence twins after child murderers.

The Knockturnal
Concert Review: DNCE at The Marlin Room NYC

Joe Jonas came out to a roar of screams. Dozens of fans reached out to touch him as he approached the edge of the stage. Jonas clearly has had the time and experience to build his front man act, but the entirety of DNCE unabashedly acts like rock stars the minute they hit the stage.

Kim Kardashian spread causes controversy

Paper Magazine released their December cover of Kim Kardashian. It instantly became the number one talking point and the launching pad for hundreds of memes. The cover features Kim holding a bottle of champagne bursting in an arc landing right into a glass that's balanced on her butt.

Fashion & Beauty

Sartorial Geek
Reclaiming The Joy of Dressing Up - Sartorial Geek

Dressing up has been an additional element in my life to keep my spirits up. Though it may not be a serious task, that doesn't mean it's a façade or waste of time. I know myself, and I know what makes me happy.

The Knockturnal
Exclusive: CEO Moj Mahdara Talks Beautycon 2016

Beauty enthusiasts rushed to Pier 36 on the first of October for the Beautycon, a convention dedicated to brands, content creators and fans coming together. The Knockturnal caught CEO of Beautycon Moj Mahdara at the event to talk about create beautycon and why content creators have built the best kind of audience.

The Knockturnal
Backstage At Raquel Allegra Fall/Winter 2016 - The Knockturnal

Davines' lead stylist Joseph DiMaggio worked with each of the models unique hair texture. To give it some more wave some of the models' hair was slightly curled by blow drying the ends with a round brush held vertically. DiMaggio wanted a fresher and cleaner take on lived in hair.

The Knockturnal
10 Fashion Trends We Hated in 2015 - The Knockturnal

Though we loved them earlier in the year, or possibly still do, there are some trends in 2015 that we might want to think about leaving behind. 1. Too flared flare jeans: With the revival of the '70s on the runway came the revival of flare jeans.