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Sharon Carson is an award-winning writer, producer and editor and has worked on trailers and campaigns for Warner Bros. and the CW Television Network, and has written and created content for National Geographic, FilmLA, Location Managers Guild International and Culture Trip, among others. She is also a proud daughter of an immigrant mother and desires to share stories of people who are discarded by society.


Sarah Hedrick Joyner


Hi, I’m Sarah. From small startup to corporate to higher education, I have over seven years of experience writing and editing in fast-paced environments. I’m a passionate storyteller dedicated to doing every story justice, no matter how big or small. I believe a great writer is an even better listener. I believe in the musicality of a sentence. The melody matters. The rhythm informs. I enjoy hiking, biking, paddling and generally exploring southern Appalachia. I’ve also picked up some new hobbies like taking care of my backyard flock of ducks and chickens and working on my green thumb.


Amanda Brohman

Freelance Writer & Content Creator with bylines in CR Fashion Book, ELLE, BUST Magazine and more

A 25-year-old digital storyteller whose work focuses on trends in contemporary culture, fashion, and feminism–with a constant curiosity when it comes to investigating the way in which those three can influence, and empower, each other. Bylines can be seen in CR Fashion Book, ELLE Magazine, BUST Magazine, Mic.com, amongst others. Recent graduate from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Advertising and Marketing Communications major with a Journalism and English Writing focus.

Lynn Hackman

Senior Reporter, Writer, Editor, Facilitator

Reliable, experienced writer who helps clients build their brand through meaningful, relevant content. Trusted source for: - Writing and copyediting - Content creation - Press releases - Speeches - Collateral & packaging - Facilitation of brainstorming and "Big Idea" sessions - Marketing communications strategy and planning - Public relations and public affairs consulting Categories: - Lifestyle - Business - Luxury consumer brands - Travel and tourism - Entertaining and etiquette - Real estate development and residential resale - Non-profit organizations - Local government - Arts and culture My background: I've enjoyed a career both as a senior-level, strategic public relations, public affairs, and contingency planning executive - as well as a freelance writer, weekly newspaper columnist, and radio show producer and co-host. I've pitched and been pitched - as a result, I am better able to be an effective, creative thinker, communicator, connector, writer. Some other stuff: Appointed for two consecutive terms by the Newport Beach City Council, I am Chair Emeritus of the Newport Beach City Arts Commission, and enjoy supporting regional arts organizations in my spare time. I've played the violin since childhood, love to cook, paint a little, and never cease to be amused by my two rescue pups 'Duff' and 'Libby'. Fun Fact: In 2019, I was one of four local radio talk show hosts nominated for "Best Local Radio Personality" by OC Weekly. Please note that my byline has also been under my former married last name of Lynn Selich. Questions? Don't hesitate to contact me!


Veronica Garcia

Digital Content Manager | Content Writer | Web Content Specialist

Veronica is a dedicated digital content enthusiast with an education in journalism and film. Over the years, she’s dabbled in creating, curating, and managing content. She even has several projects under her belt that include managing projects for Disney and ChiveTV accounts. As a freelance writer, she continues to build upon her writing muscles by learning to adapt to different writing styles and subject matters. This has allowed her to work on pieces that range from everyday news and application reviews to breaking down the latest real estate report for the average person. In her spare time, she manages her blog that advocates for epilepsy awareness and bakes to her heart’s content.


Tatiana Tenreyro

Pop Culture Journalist

Tatiana Tenreyro is a pop culture journalist who was born and raised in Puerto Rico. She currently resides in Brooklyn, New York and graduated from Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. She has written for Billboard, The Hollywood Reporter, Bustle, BrooklynVegan, Impose, Uproxx, Paste, Noisey, Bandcamp, among others. You can reach her at [email protected].

Charles L. Holloway, MBA, PMP, ICAgile

Communications Strategist | Project Manager

Results-driven project and program manager, business strategist, and change leader with over 14 years of experience streamlining processes and driving multimillion-dollar initiatives across the private and public sectors. Harnesses background in communications and strong relationship-building skills to elevate stakeholder engagement, align strategic priorities with organizational vision, and lead end-to-end creative and technical projects. Translates analytical insights into actionable solutions that address pain points and optimize project, program, and team performance.


Kristen Gordon

Digital Marketing / Copywriting

I love many things. lemon cake, coffee, children, dogs, bookshops, the smell of old paper, small businesses, baseball games, and time spent writing. There are currently millions of freelance writers trying to make a living out of writing gigs. I am one of them. I am a professional copywriter based in the Twin Cities area. I have enjoyed over 15 years of experience as a broadcast writer for both CBS Broadcasting, and ABC Broadcasting. Throughout the years 2001-2021, I have designed hundreds of digital marketing campaigns, written hundreds of blogs, and can produce digital videos, graphics, and engaging contests. Am I any good at writing? Why yes! Thank you for asking. I am the recipient of two Radio Best Awards, an Addy, and two Silver Microphone Awards for The Minnesota Baseball Hall of Fame and The Saint Cloud Hospital 100 Year History. Let me tell you, winning awards is also something I love. Warmest Regards, Kristen Gordon COPYWRITING: I have enjoyed over 15 years’ experience as a broadcast writer for both CBS Broadcasting, and ABC Broadcasting. I am also the recipient of several media awards including two Silver Microphone Awards, an Addy, and 2 Radio Best Awards from the RAB of New York. • Adjunct Mass Communications professor at Saint Cloud State University; teaching Broadcast and News Writing • Columnist and editor at Radio Ink Magazine • Copywriter at WCCO News Radio in Minneapolis • Creative Director and New Media Director for ABC Broadcasting in Minneapolis • Blogger for several Financial Planning clients. Some of my blogs have trended number one nationally on Marketwatch.com DiGITAL: • Vast writing experience creating news stories, press releases, blogs, eBooks, digital videos, posts, and social media posts across various platforms. • Ability to utilize digital analytics to develop profiles of on-site visitors. • Expertise in Shopify, Hub Spot, Wix, Word Press


Kent DuFault

Director of Content at Photzy.com, Freelance Writer, Photographer, and Line Editor

In May of 2015, I was promoted from Creative Copywriter to Director of Content and Chief Copywriter for Photzy.com. My new duties include researching, interviewing, and hiring new writers. I'm also developing long term strategies for the company's editorial and marketing content. I will continue to write serialized storytelling emails, landing pages, interviews, and social media content that markets and sells photography related products. In February of 2016, I became the Partnership Manager for Gurushots.com. In this role, I will be developing relationships throughout different industries in an effort to acquire sponsorship partners for numerous Gurushots activities. In July 2017, I changed roles at GuruShots and became a Web Content Writer. In addition, I write freelance blog posts, how-to books, quick guides, and specialized reports relating to the photography, food, and publishing industries. I am a published short story author with published works in the horror, drama, science fiction, romance, and young adult genres. I am also writing a serial graphic novel on Instagram. It can be found at: @snapseedit I worked many years as a professional photographer. My interests lie in photography, writing, communication, advertising, public relations, storytelling, social media, video production, customer service, and business growth through an effective plan of communication for today's environment. I spent four years living in Argentina.


Annemarie Cuccia

Editor in Chief, The Georgetown Voice

Student journalist at Georgetown with print, online, and production experience. Editor in Chief of a bi-weekly student mag, production intern at The Hill, and former intern focusing on unemployment and income at Street Sense and local politics and access to information at NonDoc. Interested in environmental reporting, increasing access to information, feature writing, and story production. Constantly thinking about what our role should be.