Corey Mittenberg

Writer and Media Producer

United States

Hi! I'm Corey Mittenberg--and I also write under the pen name/nickname CM Gorey for fun. I'm driven by my passion for writing about subjects ranging from higher ed, crypto, art, drama, and music to business trends, fintech, sports, and film.

As a freelance writer and editor, I've collaborated with universities, startups, magazines, art galleries, business blogs, marketing agencies, book publishers, post-punk bands, and screenwriters to create articles, landing pages, email campaigns, apps, screenplays, video scripts, talks, and plays about software, apps, luxury brands, the arts (visual, musical, drinkable), travel, health, exercise, and more.

Though I'm from New York, after five years living in São Paulo, Brazil, I have been calling Charlottesville, Virginia home since 2016.

C-VILLE Weekly
Look into it

Questions of intent and meaning loom palpably over a pair of exhibitions at Second Street Gallery: Josh Dorman's "how strange it is to be anything at all" and "Dirty Mirror" by fiber artists D...

C-VILLE Weekly
The light and dark interplay of Fax Ayres' imagery - C-VILLE Weekly

Do we continue to have time to admire the still life? In a world where disposable and looping ultra-high resolution video pops from the phones in our pockets, the composed scenes of the genre require more from our attention. The art form that originated with painting centuries ago has been criticized for nearly as long ...

UVA Today
Q&A: UVA Alumni Drive Indiana's Vaccination Effort

Alumnus Cory Law and a host of fellow Hoos are part of a company tasked with helping the state of Indiana deploy its coronavirus vaccines. Here's what they are seeing on the ground.