Kristy Hill

Marketing Communications Professional

United States

Writer and raconteur with experience creating effective messages in both traditional and digital channels.

Passionate about words, photography, travel, education, conservation, wildlife, human rights, sustainability.

International Expeditions
Active Travel

International Expeditions' Motion collection of travel adventures each blends invigorating physical activity such as biking and hiking with the natural beauty, history, and culture of remarkable destinations. Away from noise and neon lights, activate your senses, your passion for exploration, and drive for personal accomplishment by broadening your horizons with magnificent mountain landscapes in Italy, a treasure trove of ancient ruins and colonial architecture in Peru, the interior of a...

Fundraising Piece
Upward Bound Program

Promotional copy for Upward Bound to "provide underrepresented populations of high school students in Central and Northcentral Wisconsin with academic, cultural, and personal support for the purposes of high school graduation, postsecondary enrollment, and lifelong success in a diverse world."