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Jay Krieger

Freelance Writer

Jay Krieger is a freelance writer and podcaster with a focus on film. In addition to covering film for websites such as, Jay hosts and produces the weekly horror movie review podcast Daily Horror Habit (streaming on all major platforms), as well as, a horror video game podcast Safe Room. If you are interested in his work, please reach out to him via email: Jaykrieger7(at)

Daniel Peter

Freelance Journalist

Focusing upon the film industry, from box office performance, exhibitors to the movies themselves. Writer for @SmallScreenCo - [email protected]

Rebecca F. Kemper


Dr. Rebecca F. Kemper, Ph.D. [aka RFK(L)] is a scholar, educator, and creative focused on the Knowledge-based Economy. You can also follow her work through the following outlets/identifiers: - Google Scholar: - ORCID: - Web of Science (AAY-2297-2021) / Publons: -


Lee Kolinsky

Copywriter, Screenwriter

I am an award-winning writer focused on leading effective content initiatives. My knowledge covers an array of subjects including healthcare, industrial supply, film. finance, retail, entertainment and lifestyle. My goal is to build data-driven strategies for clients and support the development of results-oriented content.


Christina Marie Airola

Copywriter & Content Writer

So you found me! But who exactly am I? My name is Christina. I have been writing since the ripe young age of 4 (seriously, I still have poems and short stories boxed up somewhere that I wrote as a little girl). Since writing is my passion, I pursued and earned my Bachelor of Arts in English from CSU, Fresno, and completed the first year of the MFA Fiction Writing Program. I've spent many years in the field of business administration and accounting, but I only recently began my career as a copywriter and content writer. My time in the business field wasn't without purpose. If copywriting goes with marketing and marketing goes with business, then I just came onto the scene through a different door. I have taken my master skills of organization and time management with me into the field of copywriting and marketing, where I have written copy that has generated anywhere between $10k and $150k in revenue. So that's the gist of it. I love storytelling in all forms, and that's that.


Elena Martyn


Website Entertainment Editor at InQuire Media NCTJ accredited journalist with extensive research and IT skills. My interests include museums, travel, film, and theatre. Currently studying BA (Hons) American Studies with a Year in Journalism at the University of Kent.

Michael Abayomi

Freelance Writer

Film Critic, Video Game Addict, Jedi Master, MCU Scholar, Batcave Dweller, and author of the epic fantasy series, Guardians & The Lost Paradise.

Jeffrey W. Hollingsworth

Film critic and freelance writer

film critic for and formerly for

Karen M. Peterson

Entertainment journalist covering film and television, with a special interest in awards races and film festivals.