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Jay Krieger

Freelance Writer

Jay Krieger is a freelance writer and podcaster with a focus on film. In addition to covering film for websites such as KillerHorrorCritic.Com &, Jay hosts and produces a daily horror movie review podcast called Daily Horror Habit (streaming on all major platforms). If you are interested in his work, please reach out to him via email: Jaykrieger7(at)

Daniel Peter

Freelance Journalist

Focusing upon the film industry, from box office performance, exhibitors to the movies themselves. Writer for @SmallScreenCo - [email protected]

Rebecca F. Kemper


Dr. Rebecca F. Kemper, Ph.D. [aka RFK(L)] is a scholar, educator, and creative focused on the Knowledge-based Economy. You can also follow her work through the following outlets/identifiers: - Google Scholar: - OrchidID: