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Dr. Rebecca F. Kemper, Ph.D. [aka RFK(L)] is a scholar, educator, and creative focused on the Knowledge-based Economy.

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Columbus Metropolitan Club
Chasing The Promise of Equitable Education - CMC

Featuring Rebecca Kemper, Ph.D., Researcher, The Center for Research and Evaluation at COSI, and LaTonia Stiner-Jones, Ph.D., Assistant Dean of Graduate Programs, Associate Professor of Practice, Department of Biomedical Engineering, The Ohio State University College of Engineering, with host David DeWitt, Executive Editor, The Ohio Capital Journal.

Ohio Linuxfest / MakerX
Finding Narrative Flow in Virtual Reality (VR): A Look at UNDR H2O

Panelists: Rebecca Kemper, COSI: Center of Science and Industry, Tyler Blust and Anthony Mikicic of GuessworkVR Join us as GuessworkVR will describe their process on creating narrative for VR. They will share how they won a grant from Oculus and how their narrative development in VR has had a major role in their success. GuessworkVR is a remote game development studio based in Columbus, OH. Their game, UNDR H2O, is a room-defense game that takes place in a world where Plumbers are...

Technological Horizons in Education (T.H.E.) Journal
Technology Literacy as a Catalyst for Systemic Change -- THE Journal

Dennis O. Harper & Rebecca F. Kemper The K-12 education system needs to change. This sentence has been uttered for centuries, and millions of educators and billions of dollars have attempted to make this change. But why haven't these efforts resulted in significant change? Why have we read every year for the past century that "the K-12 education system is in crisis?"

Reprioritising workforce development

The current pandemic is forcing societal change that academics and industry leaders have been describing since at least the 1990s; a change driven by an aging labour pool and automation technology. Phaedra Boinodiris FRSA and Rebecca Kemper argue that our communities need flexible, continuous professional education opportunities that keep our workforce in livable-wage jobs aligned with emergent skill demands.

Taylor & Francis
Arts consumers' place-visioning as a tool for planning creative neighborhoods

ABSTRACT Neighborhoods in the urban context have varied stages of life-cycles, from emergent areas through to hyper-developed locales. These neighborhoods depend upon both visitors and residents to secure their revenue and foster economic growth. Arts and entertainment events are popular interventions in the municipal toolkit, often including art fairs, gallery walks, and music festivals, which can build social networks and foster connection to place.

The Routledge Handbook of International Planning Education | Taylor & Francis Group
Planning the Just City

Kleit, Rachel Garshick and Rebecca F. Kemper. 2020. Planning the Just City. In Nancey Green Leigh, Steven P French, Subhrajit Guhathakurta, and Bruce Stiftel eds, The Routledge Handbook of International Planning Education. 323-331. ISBN 9781138958777.

VRARA Columbus Chapter
"Being There" with socially enabled Virtual and Augmented Reality

Moderated with Rebecca F. Kemper, Ph.D., Center of Science and Industry (COSI) CRE | The May 4th augmented reality experience, which is designed to engage and immerse users as they journey through the events of May 4th, 1970 and reflect on its meaning for today. The experience invites users to view multiple perspectives of the Kent State shootings through the lens of augmented reality using historical imagery, audio, and related experiences that highlight past and current humanitarian...

College of Built Environments, University of Washington
A (Pandemic) Night in the Museum – How Cities Can Watch Over their Cultural Institutions in a...

Notable cultural institutions such as New York’s MoMA or Toronto’s Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) increase the prestige of the city and drive traffic downtown. But what do these institutions mean to cities under pandemic conditions? As the virus spreads, in-person activities become a threat. Aspects of cities that are normally sought after — such as tourists, festivals, mass-transit commuters, and activated streetscapes — become the specter of COVID-19 infection. Cultural institutions may seem...

Labor Day Arts Festival | City of Upper Arlington
"Color Kabob" installation by Rebecca F. Kemper

It's a bit unclear what the future holds for us in 2020. What we do know is that we all missed our traditional Labor Day Arts Festival and seeing everyone's happy faces! We have developed a plan for this year's Arts Festival that is both safe and fun.

The Knowlton School at Ohio State University
March 18, 2019
The City Remembers. (The Banvard Gallery)

The City Remembers is an exposition of The Ohio State Univerity City and Regional Planning program’s academic milieu and its subsequent imprinting upon urban form over the course of technological change. It is a participatory exhibit whereby spectators are encouraged to inhabit the exhibit and engage in iterative processing displays, creating artifacts from their experiences in the space. Created by Rebecca F. Kemper, in collaboration with: Columbus artist, Mona Gazala, Christian Harris...

City Council - Upper Arlington
Cultural Arts Commissioners

Cultural Arts Commissioners serving the city of Upper Arlington: Baughman, Barry Chester, Judy Dial, Aparna Hastrich, Kristan Kemper, Rebecca F. Morris, Kate Yesso, Judy McLaughlin, Debbie (UA Staff)

Informal (CAISE)
07/27/2021 - Rebecca F. Kemper Profile

Informal is an online platform where one can share share informal science education projects, disseminate findings and outcomes, become searchable as a potential collaborator, receive timely information from CAISE via our newsletter, and connect to our community of STEM based professionals and researchers from across the informal science education Active members of this field are able to have profiles of their work readily available to the public.

The Ohio Journal of Science
The Effect of Wind and Touch on the Growth of Arabidopsis

The effect of wind and touch treatments on Arabidopsis plants was observed. Hypotheses offered were: 1). Plants exposed to 12 hours of wind a day will be shorter than 1hour exposures and ten minute exposures. 2). Plants exposed to 10 minutes of touch will be shorter then plants exposed to 5 minutes and no wind/no touch (control) a day. On average the control will be the tallest. Forty-eight Arabidopsis plants were divided into two lots of twenty-four plants and was further divided into six...