Amber Valois

Content Writer / Copy Writer & Editor; Marketing Associate

United States

Professional writer with experience in copywriting, copy editing, ghostwriting, content marketing, blog writing, and playwriting. Innovative thinker and insightful decision-maker with a collaborative working style.

She has a B.A. in English: Technical Communications with a Minor in Creative Writing from the University of Central Florida. She has an A.S. in Entertainment Design and Technology with a specialization in Production Design and an A.A. in Dramatical Arts from Valencia College.

She is currently the marketing manager of Orlando Dinner Entertainment Inc. in which she provides organic content for all four immersive dining experiences.

You can contact me at the following channels below.



Teatro Martini

In Orlando, the land of theme park thrills, it can be hard to find something that's just for couples and adults. Teatro Martini is a place for couples to let loose and have fun on the perfect date night. Unique Experience Teatro Martini is known...

Web Content

Teatro Martini
Magician John Kinney: Mesmerizing Magic at Teatro Martini

Magician John Kinney is without a doubt one of the standout performers at Teatro Martini, who never fails to amaze and delight audiences with his incredible illusions and sleight-of-hand tricks. John is a seasoned professional who has honed his craft over twenty-eight years of performing....

Pirates Dinner Adventure Blog
The Pirate's Code

This was a blog post to illustrate the Pirate's Code used in the show and connecting it with Pirate History for the guests - Blog Section has been taken down.

Orlando Shakes
An Interview with Actor Walter Kmiec

After appearing as the noble Banquo in our recent production of , Walter Kmiec returns to the Orlando Shakes stage as the passionate Hotspur in Henry IV, Part I . In this interview, Walter breaks down what inspires him as an actor and what drives his portrayal of Shakespeare's most hot-headed character.

Orlando Shakes
The Acting Profession of Shakespeare's Time

In our 31st season we will be performing our first ever Bare Bard production of Henry VI, Part 2 as a part of our Fire and Reign series. What is a "Bare Bard" production? Actors will tackle the Bard's work with 40 hours of rehearsal, no designers, and no director - just like the acting companies of Shakespeare's time!

Orlando Shakes
Get to Know Shakespeare's Falstaff

Falstaff is a character of contradiction. He is both dishonest yet insightful, intelligent yet cowardly. In the real world, we would be disgusted by such a man but in Henry IV, Part 1 and Henry IV, Part 2 we are amused by him.

Orlando Shakes
Playwright Spotlight: The Three Musketeers

Get to know playwright Catherine Bush, the spectacular mind behind our adaptation of The Three Musketeers ! Orlando Shakes: What inspired you to tackle an adaptation of this classic? Catherine Bush: Back in 2014, Barter Theatre's former Producing Artistic Director Rick Rose was considering The Three Musketeers for his 2015 season, but he couldn't find an adaptation that he liked, so he approached me about writing one.

Orlando Shakes
The Visual Storytelling of Dr. Ruth

Projection and Lighting Designer Rob Siler talks to us about the inspiration and process of bringing the visual components of Becoming Dr. Ruth to the stage. Orlando Shakes: How do you approach the design of a project or production? Rob Siler: With a theatre production it always begins with the script, with the story.

Orlando Shakes
Stage Combat and the Tools of the Trade

Fight Director Tony Simotes talks to us about the process of the stage combat and physical storytelling in both The Three Musketeers and Henry IV, Part 1 . Orlando Shakes: Can you explain to us a little bit about what stage combat is? Tony Simotes: The Three Musketeers is a nonstop action packed adventure.

Orlando Shakes
Ways to Show Teacher Appreciation

Jump ropes belong on the playground. Use your inside voices. No flying paper airplanes during class! It's no secret that the teachers in our lives willfully take on a lot of responsibilities. They do not do it for the paycheck, nor do they do it for the praise.

Orlando Shakes
Dressing Miss Bennet and Cast

Costume Designer Howard Vincent Kurtz and Costume Manager Denise R. Warner talks to us about dressing the characters of Miss Bennet: Christmas at Pemberley and exceeding the expectations of creating the beloved world of Jane Austen for the stage.

Orlando Shakes
Playwright Spotlight: The Grand Illusion Show

We welcome back Emily Dendinger with The Grand Illusion Show . In this historical comedy, we are given a look into the real life of magician Adelaide Hermann. Orlando Shakes: Who or what inspired you to become a playwright? Emily Dendinger: I loved telling stories as a kid and thought for a long time I would become a novelist.

Orlando Shakes
Playwright Spotlight: Way Beyond Water

In this Playwright Spotlight we welcome back Jan Neuberger to discuss her process and inspiration for her play, Way Beyond Water. Orlando Shakes: Who or what inspired you to become a playwright? Jan Neuberger: I don't know that any one person or thing "inspired" the trip along this pathway.

Orlando Shakes
Playwright Spotlight: Richard Henry

Next in our "Playwright Spotlight" series we have Richard Henry, who collaborated with previous PlayFest playwright Eric Hissom to bring us an epic mashup of zombies and William Shakespeare in Shakespeare and the Zombie Plague of 1590. Orlando Shakes: Who or what inspired you to become a playwright?

Orlando Shakes
Marvel at Movement in Macbeth

Learn about the role of movement and visual storytelling in our distinctive production of Orlando Shakes: Tell us a little bit about your background and what inspired you to be a choreographer? Christina McCarthy: My training began in classical ballet and later in musical theater.

Press Releases

Ring In 2023 Like a Gatsby

This one is for all you movers and shakers out there – join us for our New Year’s Eve party. Come donned in your best flapper or vintage attire, enjoy some bubbly or one of our signature cocktails, try your hand at Blackjack or roulette and swing your way into 2023!

Jewel Orlando
Jewel Orlando, FL Next Step Orlando, Featured Charity

Orlando, Fl. - NextStep Orlando is a nonprofit life changing rehabilitation organization that is making rehab and fitness affordable for individuals living with paralysis. They assist individuals affected by Spinal Cord Injury, Cerebral Palsy, Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury, Multiple Sclerosis and other neurological conditions. They...

Orlando Shakes
Orlando Shakes' Fire and Reign Series

Orlando Shakes' Fire and Reign series will take audiences on an epic journey of Shakespeare's own version of "Game of Thrones." Orlando Shakes will produce seven Shakespeare productions in chronological order, exploring wars, alliances, battles, and betrayals that cover the Rise of Henry V and the Wars of the Roses, from Richard II - Richard III.


Amber Valois
Poor Nell

dramatic | Female | (20s-30s) | 1-minute monologue About the Play: This monologue is not from a play, it's from a standalone piece. About the Scene: Based on true events, this is a monologue delivered by actress and mistress to King Charles II, Nell Gwynn. She demands to see the King on his deathbed but...

Technical Writing

UCF Style Guide

Finished project for document design class to write and design a manual for the University of Central Florida brand.