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Disney Needs To Release Black Widow In Cinemas And Not On Disney Plus - Here's Why | Small Screen

On the cusp of the Disney investor day rumours have been rife in the past month, notably further incurred with Warner Bros recent 2021 streaming announcement, that Black Widow be released on Disney Plus. Quite why Disneywould place it's billion-dollar Marvel Cinematic Universe onto a streaming service without any box office gross seemed to be lost upon most 'forecasters'.

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Box Office Update: The UK's Top Ten Highest-Grossing Films Of 2020 | Small Screen

January 2020 seems like a long time ago. In fact, anything prior to March seems impossibly erased from recent memory. It's difficult to remember films that were topping the box office pre-COVID19 courtesy of ComScore . Yet the numbers have been calculated for 2020 and they make for interesting, even nostalgic reading for times gone by.

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Europe Begins To Close Cinemas Due To COVID-19 | Small Screen

With the announcements yesterday of new lockdowns within Germany and France as coronavirus cases and deaths continue to mount, cinemas were announced as part of the businesses required to close. French President Emmanuel Macron announced last night that the nation will be under a serious lockdown until December 1 st, and it's almost exactly the same as before.

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The Rise And Fall Of Cineworld - The COVID-19 Pandemic Is Only A Small Part Of It | Small Screen

After a tumultuous week in the press, over 45,000 jobs worldwide lost and thousands of screens across the UK, Ireland & USA on Thursday night switched off for the foreseeable future, it's been a story right out of Hollywood for Crumbling under high debts, pressures from the COVID-19 pandemic and studios pulling big hitters from the release schedule the penultimate blow was No Time To Die moving to 2021.