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Isabel Chao

Student at the University of Southern California

Isabel is a student at the University of Southern California pursuing a dual degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing as well as English Narrative Studies. She has past experience as a features writer in the Daily Trojan, USC's student-run newspaper, and has an affinity for writing academic papers. Isabel has an interest working in tech, entertainment, and education fields, passionate about the intersections between psychology, design, storytelling, and business. Contact her through LinkedIn or send an email to [email protected]


Owen Kan

Film Production graduate from Brunel University London Worked in all roles of production including: Acting, Camera Operator, Editor, Cinematographer, Producer, Director, Gaffa. Contact me: [email protected] My Vimeo: This site contains ALL of my work dating as far back as 2014, each post is dated.


Ziad Saliba

Screenwriter | Author | Content & Creative Writer

My name is Ziad Saliba and I'm a writer by trade. I have a decade's worth of experience in the States and in Lebanon and have written original content for film, television, magazines, startups, tech companies, and marketing agencies. I love what I do, and I adapt my own distinct style to any given project.


Nick Lotz


Hey there... Cleveland State film school graduate with an emphasis in screenwriting. I have a passion for music, film, and literature. My fiction work tends to be dark, cerebral, yet comedic. My journalism work tends to focus around music (but I'd like to expand more into the fine arts as well). Contact me, anytime. Nick


Sam Nolan

Entertainment Reporter

Australia's answer to Andy Cohen. Former Coffs Coast boy who spent his 20's in LA and has come back to Sydney with the latest in the world of celebrity at his fingertips. Unique perspective from having been behind the velvet rope. Think Ray Martin mixed with Joel Creasey and an unhealthy pop-culture obsession and you've come to the right place. inquiries: [email protected]


Mary Gilsenan


A non-binary queer writer, coming from a working-class background I seek to tell stories that represent real-life experiences, as well as creating experimental short films filled with absurdist humour, I'm unafraid to tackle challenging subjects such as mental illness, grief, and LGBTQ+ issues, I also write short sketches. I have just directed a play entitled Cock Therapy shown at the Manchester Fringe Festival, written multiple scripts for TV, and I am listed on Chippy Lane Productions #FemaleWritersList, additionally credited on IMDb starring in Chicken Lane.

ToniAmber Jilote

Aspiring Technical Writer/Editor

I recently graduated from the University of Houston-Downtown with a Master of Science in Technical Communication. During my academic journey, I applied a strong focus on building my proofreading and editing abilities while creating usability reports, communication plans, and various other technical reports. I was awarded 1st place and 2nd place, respectively, in the University of Houston-Downtown's 2020 and 2021 Best Graduate Writing in Technical Communication category. In my spare time, I enjoy learning to use new software and listening to women in STEM or tech positions on social media.


Zlatina P

Hey! My name's Zlatina (don't panic - it's phonetic) and I'm a Toronto-based writer. I have a background in marketing, public relations and social media management. I also love screenwriting. My content ranges from professional to downright silly and is always engaging and search engine optimized. Take a peek at my portfolio. If you like what you see, give me a shout!

Andrew Dickens

Freelance writer, editor and copywriter

I'm an award-winning writer and editor with a talent for storytelling and proven track record of creating engaging, entertaining and informative content. I'll give you insightful and amusing interviews; in-depth and entertaining features; crisp, clean copy for editorial or commercial work across multiple platforms; confident broadcast work. I can write for any audience, to a word count and on time, with the perfect tone. I've written on most subjects: film, food, drink, travel, politics, physical and mental health, sport, music, television, culture and society, 'lifestyle' and politics. I have literally hundreds of celebrity and non-celebrity interviews under my belt, from Pacino and De Niro, to Jolie and Gervais, via Elton and McCartney. I spent 11 years at ShortList and have also written for titles diverse as the Guardian, Observer Magazine, Empire, Vera, The Independent, Telegraph, RT, Google, Guinness, LG, YOU, Daily Mail, Penguin, Jaguar, The Jackal, Marie Claire, Stylist, Guardian Labs, easyJet Traveller, Fashionbeans, Flash Pack and Changeboard. I've received a record four PPA Writer of the Year nominations and won two Games Media Awards.


Freelance Writer

You can call me bill. I am most comfortable in silence, I avoid social interactions as much as possible, I don't really share personal information with others, and I often choose to answer questions with one-word responses. My verbal communication skills have been lacking since a young age. I trip over my words at times, especially when nervous. My thoughts can feel like deflated mush leaving my mouth rather than the fully formed ideas I intend when speaking. As a result, the written word has always been my favored form of communication. Spilling my thoughts onto the page provides me the freedom to truly unleash my imagination by means that is unlike anything else in my life. My passions, the things that give my continued existence any semblance of meaning are television, movies, video games, and reading. I consume television programs voraciously, so I find it impossible to select a single show as a favorite. My ceaseless hunt for new television shows has provided me an eclectic palate. I enjoy most movies regardless if they are considered pieces of art or terrible abominations that belong buried in bargain bins. It is rare that I can't find something that makes a film entertaining, even if what brings me joy was not the director's intentions. I was lucky enough to live in a town with a mall that had an arcade. Many weekends of my youth spent within a dimly lit and foul-smelling arcade really helped fuel a lifelong love of the fighting game genre that remains strong to this day. Perhaps the only video games I adore more than fighting games is the Soulsborne series. The combination of the fantasy setting, enigmatic storytelling, and precise combat system has enamored me since the inception of the series. When I am not watching television and movies, or playing video games, then I am reading novels or comic books. I may not have discovered George R.R. Martin until I was twenty-four, but he is without a doubt my favorite author because of my love and obsession for the A Song of Ice and Fire series. Fantasy novels are my preferred reading, but my education has given me a diverse awareness of many novels. My fondness for reading led me to acquire a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature with a minor in Film Studies. The experience has bolstered my ability to critically examine and write on books as well as television and film. If you are seeking an ardent individual capable of createing content in any of the previously mentioned topics, then look no further.