ToniAmber Jilote

Copy Writer, Editor, Story Teller

United States

I recently graduated Cum Laude from the University of Houston-Downtown with a Bachelor of Arts in English and a concentration in Film Studies. My work has been published electronically by Society19 where I covered various topics such as beauty, skincare, fashion, and lifestyle.
When I'm not writing, I enjoy foraging in bookstores for a good read, scrolling through Instagram, and keeping up with all things beauty related.

Sustainable Fashion Brands That Actually Make Cute Clothes

Sustainable fashion brands are quickly gaining popularity for the environmentally friendly processes of manufacturing. In this list, you will find brands that have devoted themselves to sustainability without forfeiting style. Keep reading below to find out which ones we recommend. That's right, one of the world's most famous denim brands is stylish and eco-conscious.

7 Hydrating Face Masks You Need To Try

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10 Ways To Organize Your Makeup

Are your products thrown everywhere in your bathroom? Do you need some inspiration for organizing your makeup easily and beautifully? We found 10 of the most aesthetically pleasing ways to organize your makeup, so you can worry less about finding your favorite products, and spend more time using them.

10 Cruelty Free Beauty Brands You Have To Try

The list of cruelty free beauty brands is growing every year, and we are absolutely ecstatic! If you want to expand your beauty collection with more animal conscious brands, read below to find out which ones we recommend.

8 Body Oils That Will Have You Glowing Like A Goddess This Summer

Get your glow on this summer with these 8 body oils that will leave your skin hydrated and beaming, but never sticky. Keep reading below to find out which one is best for you! Fenty Beauty absolutely changed the glowing game with their cruelty-free Body Lava Body Luminizer which inspired many brands to release their own body oils.

7 Trendiest Bags On Instagram This Summer

There are bags on Instagram that try to be trendy, but fail, and then there are bags on Instagram that you can't stop seeing in nearly every post. If you have been holding out and waiting on the perfect bag for summer, we are here to show you the trendiest options on the gram right now.