Ziad Saliba

Screenwriter | Author | Content & Creative Writer


My name is Ziad Saliba and I'm a writer by trade.
I have a decade's worth of experience in the States and in Lebanon and have written original content for film, television, magazines, startups, tech companies, and marketing agencies.
I love what I do, and I adapt my own distinct style to any given project.


On Screen


The Circle: Sunsets on the harbour - Beirut View

Magic Hour; the blissful, precious, and all too brief moment that sees daylight surrendering to night in a swan song of brilliant colors that have inspired poetry, song, scripture, philosophy, religion, and all manner of romantic existentialism since the dawn of time.

5 Great Acoustic Guitars Used by Pros

So you've mastered your 'Wonderwall' and 'Hotel California' and are feeling confident enough to step out of your room and start playing your acoustic guitar to a bigger audience or at recording studios. These are our top picks for your...

Clos Du Phoenix: A small taste of big wine - Beirut View

When I think of wine, particularly fine wine, my first thought is of sipping a cold glass of Cote du Rhone on the Champs-Elysees, or an elegant Chianti in Tuscany, mulling its fruity taste and enjoying its robust bitter finish while I gaze at sprawling vineyards and contemplate life's bigger questions.

LIVE IN BEIRUT: Six venues for your live music fix - Beirut View

Everything is better with music, and live music in particular sets the soundtrack for our lives as we drink, socialize and sway, or as we make our way through the thick of the crowd and perch ourselves closest to the stage, unmindful of the excess noise, to just sit and listen and reflect with whatever band or artist is on display.