M Gilsenan


United Kingdom

A non-binary queer writer, coming from a working-class background I seek to tell stories that represent real-life experiences, as well as creating experimental short films filled with absurdist humour, I'm unafraid to tackle challenging subjects such as mental illness, grief, and LGBTQ+ issues, I also write short sketches.
I have just directed a play entitled Cock Therapy shown at the Manchester Fringe Festival, written multiple scripts for TV, and I am listed on Chippy Lane Productions #FemaleWritersList, additionally credited on IMDb starring in Chicken Lane.

Salford University

A pilot episode for a television series, taking a look at a family trying to survive below the breadline. (first ten pages)

Salford University

30-minute single, a woman struggles to come to terms with the loss of her relationship as she hallucinates her ex and deals with the death of her mother

Salford University
The Sinner Party

Set in a well to do cheshire neighbourhood, a group of friends get together for a dinner party, to celebrate the life of one of their lost friends. However when secrets are spilled and lies are told it turns into a rather murderous affair.

Summer - Short Film

A short film written during university, based around the theme of nostalgia, slightly inspired by sex education, a coming of age story about two best friends growing apart, but growing as people.

Unnamed Sketch Show

An absurdist sketch show filled with unthinkable characters & cheeky one-liners, from Barney Seagull to a seemingly haunted train conductor, these characters will have you creasing!

Salford University

A short monologue for the screen discussing the relationship between gender identity and body hair. How femininity is so closely tied to body hair and how a simple bus ride can become a playground for sexual politics. (First 3 pages)

Salford University
The Petals of Love

A short piece of writing I created during my first year of university. When writing this i wanted to capture a moment that was life changing. Inspired by the short piece by David Foster Wallace entitled 'Incarnations of Burned Children'. I chose for my protagonist to have no name, making it easier for the reader to connect with her, and imagine themselves in her position. I also chose to give the person she loved gender neutral pronouns to challenge the ingrained idea of heteronormativity.

You Only Love Me in Hotel Rooms

A Short Confessional A brief synopsis about this piece, I wrote this short story as one of my final submissions for my BA in Drama and Creative Writing at Salford University, however, I have made some amendments since submitting. It began as poetry but then I realised I had too much I wanted to say....

Salford University
Selection of Theatre Industry Writings

A selection of writing including a feature article, a topical script, a press release and a review of a play. This was for an assessment in 2018, I achieved 75/100