Jay Krieger

Freelance Writer & Podcaster

United States

Jay Krieger is a freelance writer and podcaster with a focus on film.

In addition to covering games and film for websites such as Bloody Disgusting, Dread XP, Killer Horror Critics, and Cultured Vultures, Jay hosts and produces the weekly horror video game podcast Safe Room (part of Bloody Disgusting's Bloody FM podcast network), as well as the Daily Horror Habit a weekly horror movie discussion podcast.

If you are interested in his work, please contact Jay via email: Jaykrieger7(at)Gmail.com.

Monster Mania: Half-Life's Hellish Headcrabs - DREAD XP

Monster Mania: Half-Life's Hellish Headcrabs Ever since the kaiju and Universal monster films from my youth, monsters have had my heart in a death grip. I remain obsessed with these towering titans and frightening freaks whose existence and construction defy logic. However, as the age-old adage goes: Looks aren't everything.

Cultured Vultures
10 Years Later, Is The Thing (2011) An Underrated Prebootsquel?

To say that Matthijs van Heijningen Jr. has balls would be an understatement. How a creative goes about pitching, let alone following through with a presequelreboot of a horror masterpiece is beyond me. And ten years later, his prequel to John Carpenter's 1982 classic The Thing remains largely vilified by genre fans, despite the film having more gory merit than most will admit.

Which of The Universal Monsters Would Make the Best Roommate?

Let's face it, moving sucks... ...It is a chaotic, sweaty, and smelly endeavor. But you know what trumps the physical anguish of lugging your stuff to a new place? The mental and tedious turmoil of finding a roommate. There are several critical criteria to consider before selecting a potential mate with whom you will room: Will they be weird?