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Jay Krieger

Freelance Writer

Location icon United States

Jay Krieger is a freelance writer and podcaster with a focus on film.

In addition to covering film for websites such as, Jay hosts and produces the weekly horror movie review podcast Daily Horror Habit (streaming on all major platforms), as well as, a horror video game podcast Safe Room.

If you are interested in his work, please reach out to him via email: Jaykrieger7(at)

Cultured Vultures
40 Years Later, Halloween II Remains A Slasher Sequel Masterclass

I adore slasher sequels that are a continuation of "the night of" seen in the original film, sequels that begin where the original film ended, which further reinforces that the killer's rampage shows little indication of slowing. There's an immediacy to the pacing that supercharges it.

Cultured Vultures
10 Years Later, Is The Thing (2011) An Underrated Prebootsquel?

To say that Matthijs van Heijningen Jr. has balls would be an understatement. How a creative goes about pitching, let alone following through with a presequelreboot of a horror masterpiece is beyond me. And ten years later, his prequel to John Carpenter's 1982 classic The Thing remains largely vilified by genre fans, despite the film having more gory merit than most will admit.

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Brandon Cronenberg's Possessor Is Unmissable Body Horror

I don't envy Brandon Cronenberg. Whether he likes it or not, he has astronomically sized shoes to fill. Comparisons between his father, David Cronenberg, and his work are inevitable, an unfair expectation laid upon a sophomore filmmaker.

Which of The Universal Monsters Would Make the Best Roommate?

Let's face it, moving sucks... ...It is a chaotic, sweaty, and smelly endeavor. But you know what trumps the physical anguish of lugging your stuff to a new place? The mental and tedious turmoil of finding a roommate. There are several critical criteria to consider before selecting a potential mate with whom you will room: Will they be weird?

Cultured Vultures
Shudder's The Mortuary Collection Is Anthology Horror Gold

With The Mortuary Collection, writer and director Ryan Spindell effortlessly avoids my biggest gripe with anthology horror. Often, there is a sense of disconnect between these tales of terror; too many cooks in the proverbial horror kitchen. Multiple director's styles and tones sometimes conflict, making stories feel disjointed from their main narrative driving narrative.

[Review] '12 Hour Shift' is a Long Night of Fun, Bloody Mayhem

Double shifts can be murder, amiright?... ...Written and directed by ) moonlights as a black-market organ supplier picking parts from her hospital's crop. "Crop" being elderly and terminal patients whose bodies are failing them, just hopefully not the bits Mandy's extracurricular employer desires.

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