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NextGen Maine 2020: Selected Print & Web

Associated Press
Group Working to Register Young Maine Voters

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) - A drive to register young Maine residents to vote is about a quarter of the way to its goal of getting 7,000 people on the voting rolls by November.

NextGen Maine 2020: Selected TV & Radio

News Center Maine (NBC)
Young adults are pushing their peers to vote

According to census data analyzed by the Brooking Institution, millennials and Gen Z voters will account for 37% of eligible voters. MAINE, Maine - With just weeks until the November election, young adults, regardless of party affiliation, are pushing their peers to vote.

Maine Public Radio
Maine Campaign Strategists Search For Creative, Socially Distant Ways To Engage Young Voters

More than one-third of all eligible voters are under the age of 39, but historically, far fewer of them actually vote. In 2018, only about 36 percent voted. This year, political parties and advocacy groups are trying to get younger voters engaged through registration drives, but the restrictions of the pandemic have limited the ways in which they can operate.

Program encourages Maine youth to register to vote

The coronavirus pandemic is not stopping young Maine residents from voting. "Next Gen Maine" is the largest voter turnout program that encourages young people to register to vote. The program has helped more than 1,700 people get registered so far which is partly close to their goal of registering 7,000 people by November. Due to the pandemic most of the people registered through mail.

News Center Maine (NBC)
Power of the Youth Vote in Maine

Voter mobilization groups have been out and about trying to talk to young voters, registering them, and getting them to the polls.

News Releases & Statements

NextGen Maine
Youth Vote Takes the Stage 💃

Youth vote organizers and volunteers reached over 89,000 young Mainers as part of the largest youth vote mobilization program in state history, in an election with historic levels of young voter turnout in Maine and across the country.

NextGen Maine
NextGen Maine statement 🎉 SCOTUS protects LGBTQ+ rights

LGBTQ+ rights are human rights, hard-won by decades of activism and advocacy. NextGen Maine is overjoyed today by the Supreme Court's decision to enforce civil rights protections for LGBTQ+ people in the workplace.

NextGen Maine
NextGen Maine calls on State House for online voter registration ✅

As part of a pivot to digital-first youth vote organizing during the COVID-19 outbreak, NextGen Maine has launched a letter campaign to the State House asking our legislators to support online voter registration in Maine. Thirty-nine states and the District of Columbia currently allow residents to register to vote online.

Freedom House
Iran: Anniversary of Jina Mahsa Amini's Death Reignites Demands for Freedom

The deaths of Jina Mahsa Amini and hundreds of antigovernment protesters in the past year are a stark reminder of the brutal consequences facing those who dare to raise their voices against this authoritarian regime—who dare to dream of a better Iran, where fundamental rights and liberties are upheld for all.

Freedom House
Democracy Summit Participants Should Examine Own Role in Countering Global Democratic Decline,...

To lay the groundwork for meaningful, multilateral progress, we encourage every nation attending the summit, including the United States, to examine critically their responsibility in arresting global democratic decline. They should consider, honestly and with humility, the role they have played in contributing to that decline, and how they can contribute to reversing the negative trends of recent years.

Freedom House
United States: Push for State Voting Restrictions Undermines Democracy

The strength of US democracy comes from the plurality of voices, political views, and experiences that shape and inform it. Indeed, the basic legitimacy of our elections depends on participation by every segment of the electorate. By narrowing access to early and absentee voting, these bills risk undermining that legitimacy.

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