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Melissa Reitz

Journalist, copywriter, copyeditor

With over 15 years of writing experience, I am a seasoned, versatile and confident writer. As a qualified journalist and editor, I'm skilled at news and features writing, copywriting, and copyediting. My work has been published in the majority of South Africa's leading publications, including Daily Maverick, Business Day, Daily Mail, Cape Times, The Star and Africa Geographic . Below are some examples of my work.


Jason Seebaruth


Online media.

United Kingdom

Rebecca Mathews

Creative Content Writer and Copywriter

I’m a home-based freelance writer working with brands to deliver product information, raise social media profiles, and create sales opportunities through excellent copywriting and engaging creative content. See below for examples of my work.


Tina Jackson

Writer, Blogger, Desktop Publisher

I am passionate about marketing in the digital environment. I have nine years of experience designing effective marketing campaigns for print and web, and managing a corporate website. Additionally, I worked for a leading digital media company specializing in small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) for five years. I have a proven track record of providing excellent customer service and exceeding the expectations of clients. I'm seeking a position where I can combine my passion for design with strong research and writing skills to create engaging marketing copy and positive customer experiences.


Anthea Lacchia

Freelance science journalist, writer, audio maker, science communicator

Hello! My name is Anthea Lacchia and I'm a freelance science journalist with a PhD in geoscience (Trinity College Dublin). I have over 10 years of writing experience, hold an MSc in Science Communication and a Diploma in Journalism, and am currently based in Wicklow, Ireland. I write stories about science, environment, animals, nature, fossils, science policy, research culture and universities for a number of outlets including the Guardian, Nature Index, Irish Times, RTE' and Green News. Most recently, I am covering Irish research policy news for Research Professional. I have also written the Earth section of a children's book, Life Cycles, published by DK. I have won a number of awards and grants for my writing and public engagement (I was the SFI Science Writer of the Year at the SMEDIAS in 2015, and most recently co-winner of the EGU public engagement award), and am interested in writing across genres, including using creative non-fiction as a means of exploring science and nature. I also produce and present audio for BBC's Digital Planet program, and give talks to school children and other publics about science, as well as acting as a consultant for publishers and companies. A bit about me: I grew up in Biella, a town at the foot of the Alps in northern Italy. My love for animals led me to study fossils (dead animals!) for my PhD in Trinity College Dublin. Specifically, I studied ammonoids, extinct relatives of squid and cuttlefish. After my PhD, I worked in the Nature press office, promoting the content of Nature journals and working with editors and press officers, before returning to academia for a postdoctoral position while completing an MSc in Science Communication (Imperial College London) part-time. In total, I have eight years of experience working in academic research, but am now a full-time writer and audio producer. I have a Diploma in Journalism from the National Council for the Training of Journalists in the UK, and am a member of the ABSW (Association of British Science Writers) and ISTJA (Irish Science and Technology Journalists Association). A constant thread throughout my life has been my passion for nature and animals. I am an avid birdwatcher and hiker. I am always interested in writing and communication projects about the environment, nature and animals (fossils or alive!), and in finding creative ways to connect people to our environment through storytelling. My services: - Writing (journalism, blogs, content writing, creative writing, technical writing, copy writing) - Podcast and audio creation (research, production, editing, interviewing and presenting) - Editing (developmental editing, copy editing, podcast editing & production) - Content marketing (blog writing, interviews, strategy) - Science communication, including consulting on science communication projects and developing and delivering talks about science for primary schools and other publics - Teaching and training in geoscience communication - Translation Italian-English - Grant proposal editing - Geoscience (rocks, fossils, minerals, structure, landscape, and overview of flora and fauna) for outdoor educators such as hike leaders, guides and mountaineering assessors (talks, workshops) - Creative non-fiction: finding creative ways of telling non-fiction stories especially nature and science based. --- I'm open for commissions. E-mail me to collaborate or say hello: [email protected]

Michelle Leech

Content creator

Michelle runs a content creation agency offering content writing, editing and photography services with a special focus on travel and tourism, small businesses, science and environmental issues. - Diploma in Book Editing, Proofreading and Publishing - Bachelor of Science


Amélie Drouet

Digital Content Producer / M.A in Journalism, Media and Globalisation

Constructive journalist I have experience in print and online media outlets across Europe. I go after constructive news stories that highlight possible solutions to the world's most pressing issues. Among others, I have written for: - Are We Europe, an award-winning media startup focused on European issues, - Détours, a news site about mobility edited by Canal + Group and Seat with 200 000 monthly visitors, - and Décisions durables, a print magazine specialised on sustainability with a circulation of 50 000. Content producer & communicator I support companies with content production: websites, news posts, video scripts, translation. Examples: - Engie, France's main renewable energy distributor (web pages and news) - Xerfi Canal, a company conducting economic and sectoral analysis (video scripts) - Solutions Journalism Network, a network of journalists promoting solutions (translation). ENGLISH / FRENCH Areas of expertise: - Beats: startups, tech, society, innovation, smart city, mobility, environment - Web Journalism sourcing, pitching, writing on tight deadlines, formatting, video recording/editing, WordPress - Print Journalism: interviewing, writing features, conception, layout, InDesign - Content Marketing: advertorials, media partnerships, event coverage - Communication: press releases, newsletters

Eric Silverman


A detailed and passionate writer who takes the time to listen, research, and evaluate a topic with an individual and carefully curated approach. With a keen understanding of how to draw an audience in, his unique perspective and style presents his readers with work that is both memorable and interesting, while providing the necessary information in a constructive and authoritative manner. Working always with a clear goal in mind and a proactive mindset, his unique problem solving capabilities and can-do attitude keep him from dwelling on minor setbacks, to get real results (because somebody’s gotta do it).

Morgan Hannah Pettersson

Teller of environmental and travel stories

Morgan Hannah Pettersson is a writer and storyteller who weaves words into magic with a focus on telling environment and travel stories.


Margaret Ward

Freelance Journalist

Journalist, researcher, wanderer, nature lover. Contributor to The Irish Times and others, including BBC, France 24, The Sunday Telegraph, Lonely Planet and India Today. Former Foreign Editor and China Correspondent at RTE, Ireland's public broadcaster. Interested in climate, energy, wildlife, migration, women's rights, travel. Love butterflies, French, goldfinches, dolphins, islands and trains.