Rebecca Mathews

Content writer

United Kingdom

I consistently produce high-quality content that increases website traffic and reader engagement.

I have 10+ years of writing experience in:

SEO content
Long-form articles
Thought leadership

Niches: Health, Home and Garden, Animals and Pets, Environment and Sustainability.

202 Dental Care
202 Dental Care in Washington DC

Feeling at ease at a dental surgery means not worrying about the costs, which is why we offer honest and affordable, budget-friendly rates to ensure you receive the care you deserve at a price you can afford - for the whole family.

Ancient Origins Reconstructing the story of humanity's past
How Ancient Woodworkers Sculpted Civilization

Humans have a remarkable relationship with trees. Trees not only provide the oxygen we need to breathe, but also wood in its rawest form.

Rookes Pet Products
The Blog - Rookes Pet Products

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Salamol contains the active ingredient salbutamol, and helps to treat respiratory conditions, such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The quick and direct action of the active ingredient means that Salamol can be used as a reliever inhaler to alleviate the symptoms associated with asthma attacks.

Plants in a box
Want 100% recyclable? We dig it.

Here at Plants In A Box we're big fans of the natural world and conscious of having a light footprint with a big impact on this earth. The environmental problems damaging our world are just heartbreaking, so we've thought long and hard about our recycling.