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Becky Mathews

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I'm a content writer living in North Hampshire. I can give you well researched and professionally written content that's easy to read.

Ultimate Guide To Making Your Own Compost

If like me you seem to spend a lot of money buying soil improver, composts, mulch, and paying the council to take away green waste then it’s time to consider home composting.

Eco & Beyond
Unleash Your Christmas Womble With Reusable Wrapping Paper

My brother calls me a cheapskate. My husband less flatteringly, 'a tramp'. But reusing all those foil bows, fabric ribbons and little wire robins has always been important to me. And now my wishes have come true - zero waste reusable wrapping paper is all around us.

Plants in a box
Want 100% recyclable? We dig it.

Here at Plants In A Box we're big fans of the natural world and conscious of having a light footprint with a big impact on this earth. The environmental problems damaging our world are just heartbreaking, so we've thought long and hard about our recycling.

DIY Garden
The Ultimate Wildlife Rescue Guide By DIY Garden

We're going to cover practical steps you can take to help injured wildlife by running through the most common scenarios - including how to pick the animal up. There are three approaches to helping wildlife and it can be hard to choose the right course of action, especially if you're stressed and nervous.

How Ancient Woodworkers Sculpted Civilization

Humans have a remarkable relationship with trees . Trees not only provide the oxygen we need to breathe, but also wood in its rawest form. For millennia, woodworking by carpenters, turners, and joiners have transformed this basic material into objects that have made a huge contribution to the advancement of civilization.

Three Scope
How to Recognise Midges and Treat Bites | ThreeScope

We all look forward to the spring months, it's a real treat to step outside without multiple layers of clothing, but unfortunately with warmer weather comes biting and stinging pests. These tiny vampires cause an uncomfortable bite that can lead to infection if you can't stop scratching.